We are honored to share the summer issue of the Glasse Factory magazine with you all! There’s plenty in this issue for everybody, covering important topics such as positive mindset, mental and emotional health, sustainability, and pride in sexuality. With Pride Month and Mental Health Awareness Month having just passed, it has been extra special to interview individuals leading these conversations within the entertainment industry.

What’s in the issue?

  • Bermudian producer Noise Cans is our featured artist on this issue. Bermuda photographer Queendom Heights put together an amazing photo shoot for us for the cover and inside spread. Noise Cans touches on the importance of having a positive mindset and how he uplifts his culture in this amazing interview!
  • Life coach Cristi Williams joined us at Belmont University to talk about mental health and emotional intelligence in the entertainment industry. Her insight and openness is extremely crucial to moving forward this conversation, both in the industry and at home.
  • Swedish pop artist Winona Oak shares her compelling testimony about conquering old insecurities with dance music, another powerful contribution to the mental health conversation.
  • Front-woman Leah Wellbaum of Massachusetts based alternative rock group Slothrust shares some behind-the-scenes tid-bits about the band’s latest release “Strange Astrology” and their forthcoming album Parallel Timeline. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Leah also touches on what pride means to her in this issue.
  • Co-founder of Deep Tropics Joel Atchison inspires the music industry with his net positive music, style and arts festival. See how the Deep Tropics team is paving the way for eco-friendly music events and cultivating a regenerative culture inside this issue!
  • and much more!

There’s a few playlists in here curated by our guest artists and the department heads of Glasse Factory, for PRIDE and just to enjoy for the summer. In addition, we collaborated on a wonderfully fun merch line with Noise Cans, perfect for summer! There’s a few exciting announcements and updates in this issue as well, so be sure to grab a copy and share with your peers!

Check out all things related to Issue 3, including our merch line and subscription options. And, in case you missed it, digital copies of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are still available for purchase! Make sure to subscribe to our magazine so you never miss out on our quarterly issues!

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