Rising popstar, Brynn Elliott, shares her experience during her journey to finding self-love in fresh and uplifting EP, titled, Can I Be Real, on Friday, July 9th.

Starting at age fourteen, Brynn Elliott was determined to become the first member of her family to apply to college. And not just any college: Harvard! She buried herself in school-work and extracurriculars, building up her resume for an application, all while she began to teach herself guitar chords via YouTube videos. While her initial application to Harvard was not accepted, she refused to give up. She reapplied a year later and was accepted!

As a driven individual, her journey to success is inspirational, but her music too follows along a similar vein. With upbeat pop sounds, her messages are joyful, inspirational, and meaningfully upbeat. Brynn’s music is about embracing who you are and feeling inspired to act.

Philosophy and music are two sides of the same coin for me. Pop music looks for what is universal in the world, providing that place for people to come and relate about the things we all feel, which is what philosophy does as well. My passion for those ideas isn’t going to go away after college– they might just look and sound different.

~ Brynn Elliott

TELL ME I’M PRETTY (official video)

Introducing the Can I Be Real EP is hit single, “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” which has gained lots of traction since its release. With nearly four million plays on Spotify alone, its message is inspirational to every person out there who have looked to others for assurance in their own beauty and perfection. The way that today’s society is built hones in on specific ideals of beauty that seems unattainable to most. Brynn’s track states otherwise, shifting the message to tell others that “there’s so much more to me than what’s on the surface,” as she sings in the pre-chorus. Yes, we second-guess ourselves as we grow, but that’s a part of life, and we must keep growing.

Next, the album’s title track, “Can I Be Real,” transitions smoothly from the previous track. Seeming to follow similar themes touched on in the previous track, Brynn’s authenticity shines through all the more. While it internalizes Brynn’s insecurities and makes them public, the vulnerability of the track itself makes it even more relatable to others, while driving forth the point behind the track– after years of hiding, it’s time to lay all things bare and say what we feel for the sake of our own mental health and finding an inner security.

“Without You” transitions its message into a summery love song. It’s catchy lyrical hooks cling to the brain as it plays on repeat. The chorus seems to continuously follow a melodical pattern, which plays into the psychological aspect of how it feels to first fall in love with someone. There’s a kind of obsession and continuous pattern of thought, which this song tracks throughout its process.

Following, “Call Me Stupid” flows beautifully from the previous track, expressing insecurities found in a relationship after the initial honeymoon phase wears off, and though the dependency for one another lingers, the realization starts to hit that the relationship isn’t working the way you’d hoped at all; not bringing out the best in you, and is creating a pattern of self-destruction and loss of self-worth.

“How Dare You” shares the conclusion of the relationship alluded throughout the EP, the brokenness that follows, and creates a gorgeously perfect post-breakup anthem. Facing the darkness without that person is a rough experience, even if you loved them dearly. “How dare you make it so easy to love you,” Brynn sings in the chorus. The track shares the inner battle and the spiral down.

“Masterpiece” continues the story, after the brokenness and the relationship is gone; finding the beauty in processing through and rebuilding identity. Using beautiful imagery of the nature around us, expressing the chipping away of the negative patterns, and processing through the grief and broken, Brynn shares a vulnerable side of her process in finding self-worth after losing it in a bad relationship.

LETTER TO A GIRL (official lyric video)

Concluding the EP, single “Letter To A Girl” is the soft-spoken track epitomizing self-love. Written initially to nurture her younger self, the track is an inspiration driving young girls with its message to be strong and to truly put in the time and care into treating yourself well.

Brynn Elliott’s message is powerfully positive, bordering on the uplifting tone in each pop anthem while it touches on serious subjects with a lighthearted mood to lift the spirits of anyone who would listen. We chatted with her about Can I Be Real, and it is now live! Check it out here!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Brynn Elliott, and stream Can I Be Real, now available on all listening platforms!

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