On his new single, “Biblical,” Calum Scott showcases his voice by reflecting on love. What kind of love? According to Scott, “‘Biblical’ to me is about unquantifiable love, a love beyond description or measure, a love of biblical proportions that transcends everyone and everything.” And yet, the arrangement of “Biblical” is soft and minimalist. This juxtaposition allows the listener to focus on Scott’s lyrics and voice.

The power of this song lies in Scott’s voice. As mentioned before, the arrangement is minimalist. It consists of a piano, occasional string orchestration, and a choir that shows up around the second chorus. On their own, these instrumental pieces would be relatively powerful, but it is Scott’s vocal performance that showcases just how “Biblical” this love really is. Without his voice, the song would still be good. It just wouldn’t be as great as it is.

This is important to mention because of the quality of Scott’s lyrics. “Biblical” is yet another song about the epic nature of love, but the way Scott uses his lyricism shows just how epic this particular love is. While some lines might be on the nose, there are others here that are clearly written in Scott’s voice. That unique way of telling a story and expressing feelings means that anyone else could be singing and it would obviously be Scott’s song.

Overall, a very solid single from a phenomenal voice and excellent pen. Check the music video out below!

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