Lovers Found Only Through “Windy Eyes”

“Windy Eyes” is a track from Colby Wright’s debut EP Everybody’s Got Soul, which was written and recorded all by Wright himself. In particular, “Windy Eyes” covers the phenomena of lovers found in dreams, and the happiness yet confliction that such an experience can have.

Wright’s sound is influenced from his earlier days of songwriting for the acclaimed Bumblebee Saturday, where he wrote about the teenage experience of being a sensitive lover. Now, however, he discovered his overflowing compassion for everything and everyone, especially his newfound religion. After diving into eastern spirituality late last year, Wright has taken on the search for enlightenment, and hopes that you will take his messages to heart and share its love as far as possible.

Cover art

The stand-out element of this song is absolutely its unique wind instrument feature. Combined with the sound a lower bass and a perfectly composed drum beat, it brings forward an incredibly unique and friendly atmosphere sure to be enjoyed by those who are lovers of folk and those who are not. “Windy Eyes” also contains a deeper message, as it heavily speaks of the joy that is brought forth in the companionship of a lover, yet the knowledge of this reality escape only being in dreams is where confliction can easily be seen. Finding opportunities in a life surrounded by a 9 to 5 is difficult, but of course, in order to keep a maintained mental health enjoyment must be sought after in one way or another. The single finishes off with an electric guitar solo, definitely one that was unexpected from a folk song, yet somehow not out of place in the slightest, as it compliments the main melody splendidly and brings more variety to this already fantastic track.

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