Clothes have always been a part of human history ever since. It’s protection against the elements, a status symbol and more recently an extension of someone’s personality. To an extent, it’s also been a way of life and a way to fight the power as an 80s anthem would say. A stunning example of this is the rising popularity of streetwear and how it has found its way in mainstream fashion. Thanks to fashion icons such as the late great Virgil Abloh, street wear has now become the ‘it’ thing. No longer is it viewed as something only the masses would consume, rather wearable art with a heart. It’s colors, designs and its free form is enticing, but what makes it standout is that with it comes with a strong message of protest. Not only that but it is also interwoven with hip hop culture, so much so that the two entities are inseparable.

With, another player that could potentially create massive waves in the streetwear landscape is the company Shibori Threads which is co-owned by no other than Brand of Sacrifice members Kyle Anderson (vocals), and Leo Valeri (guitar). Taking their name from the method of dying garments, Shibori Threads is sure to leave a mark (pun intended) in the society’s collective memory. They are more than just a fancy name though. What makes them special isn’t just that they’ve got already famous owners at the helm, rather they’ve got this artisan approach to it all. Every piece is carefully hand crafted, and due to that it usually takes around 6-8 weeks to finish. Sure, the wait may be long, but it’s worth it because the product that arrives is visually stunning, unique (500 copies are available) and of the highest quality. Then there’s their vision of providing more stylish outfits for the metal genre as well as the pop culture bands to spice things up for them and their respective fan bases.

This isn’t just sales talk, and as the saying goes the proof is in the pudding because their online store is featured in the top 1% trafficked stores on Shopify, garnering 20,000 monthly visitors. This speaks volumes and is a testament to their sense of style and the quality of work dished out albeit they are new to scene. Yes, they may be newbies so to speak, but they already boast a huge lineup of collaborations with acts such as Dance Gavin Dance, Killswitch Engage, Crown The Empire, Erra, Fit For A King, August Burns Red, The Deathcore Collectionfeat.Whitechapel,Chelsea Grin, Thy Art Is Murder, Veil of Maya, Carnifex, Despised Icon, their very own Brand of Sacrifice as well as Slaughter to Prevail. Now with a new partner in crime in the person of Spiritbox, who joined forces with Shibori last November 26th, 2021. This uber talented company adds another jewel to their metal crown. It is safe to say that they are primed to capture the minds and imaginations of people across the globe this new calendar year. They said it perfectly with their statement “Follow the trail of dye – or get left behind.”. 

Image Courtesy of Shibori Threads Via Twitter

Interested about these threads? Feel free to visit their store and follow their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts for more. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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