Listen to the “Voices” Inside Precious Peppala’s Head

British artist Precious Peppala released her latest single “Voices” on Dec. 2. This follows her two earlier releases, “My Eyes Only” and “Looking for Trouble”. “Voices” is a song about being trapped in your mind and looking for any way that you can to distract yourself from your troubling thoughts. 

“Voices” follows the theme of Peppala’s earlier singles — it deals with struggling with mental health. Of the two, it is more akin to “Looking for Trouble”, where the artist mentions always inkling to engage in scenarios that will not be good for her. “My Eyes Only” deals more with the struggles that arise from the complicated thing in our lives that is romantic love. 

“Voices” is a much more electronic release from Peppala, with no trace of the acoustic guitar that could be faintly heard in her previous releases. There is a slight layering of her voice, resulting in an echo which gives the song a somewhat glitchy and surreal effect. The song, as aforementioned, struggles with being alone with your thoughts. Peppala repeatedly begs to not be left by herself. She tells us how when alone, she will try everything to distract herself— go outside and walk, turn on the tv, etc. 

“Voices’ is a song about being afraid of your own mind and not wanting to be left alone with your thoughts. Recently, I’ve been relating to the lyrics in this song a little too much – especially during the last couple of years when a lot of us have had much more time alone than usual. Our minds can be very dark places at times, but despite the song’s dark nature, I hope it brings comfort to people who feel the same way in knowing that they are not alone or unusual.”

Precious Peppala is an exciting new artist that has just begun to release music. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok. You can listen to her music on Spotify and YouTube.

Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi
Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi

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