Lauren Spencer-Smith Introduces New Emotional Single, “Flowers”

Lauren Spencer-Smith first gained the world’s attention when she posted a cover of her singing “Always Remember Us This Way” from the movie musical A Star Is Born from her dad’s truck. Not long after, the producers at American Idol asked her to be a contestant on their show. The world was able to hear this incredible talent sing, and the rest is history.

This global chart topping artist has once again impressed with her impeccable vocals on her new track, “Flowers.” As Spencer-Smith explains, “‘Flowers’ is about looking at a past experience and knowing I deserved more. I want people to be able to contemplate their own situations, and learn from them and heal if they need to. You aren’t alone and it gets better.”  

Image Courtesy of Island Records

The lack of big production and focus on piano, voice, and basic strings helps the message behind “Flowers” to cut deeper. With the main focus of the song being the voice behind the music, Spencer-Smith’s expansive range and unique vocal styling choices are able to be fully realized.

With wisdom exceeding the expectations of the typical eighteen year old, Spencer looks back on memories of past arguments realizing that she’d been conditioned to accept the love she was given rather than put value in her own worth.

“when we’d fight, you’d give me space and not communicate and for a while I thought that’s what I should appreciate.”

“Flowers” by Lauren Spencer-Smith

No matter what the circumstances are, Spencer-Smith urges with her final words, “If it’s hurting you, then leave and go and get some help.”

If you do nothing else today, be sure to listen to Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Flowers,” you’ll be glad you did it. When you fall in love with the song and need more of it, go ahead and watch the recently premiered music video. For “Flowers” and other amazing music like “Fingers Crossed” from Lauren Spencer-Smith, check her out on any music streaming platform now! To be certain that you’re up to date on new releases from your favorite artists, keep checking back with Glasse Factory!

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