It was truly a joy recording this classic christmas song with dodie, who I’ve looked up to for so many years! The holidays are all about surrounding yourself with loved ones and Love To Keep Me Warm is all about that!


Teaming up with UK artist Dodie, Jazz wunderkind Laufey returns with the quiet Christmas Delight, Love to Keep Me Warm. A perfect gateway song to anyone unfamiliar with the duo (myself included), the single combines all the beautiful attributes of a Christmas tune in one cohesive package.

Photo Credits: Burak Cingi

Starting off, the piano at the beginning is a perfect introduction to the festive tune. The instrument, full of suspense and gravitas, carries the listener over to Laufey’s vocals. With melodies that ring in your ears sweetly, the line “I love the winter weather” hits especially hard in your amygdala. Emotive and captivating, the notes delivered by Laufey are effortlessly smooth, fitting perfectly with the soft jazz standard. Harmonies between Laufey and Dodie also deserve praise, with Dodie excellently complimenting Laufey as the backup singer.

I love the winter weather

So the two of us can get together

There’s nothing sweeter, finer

When it’s nice and cold I can hold My baby closer to me

And collect the kisses that out do me

Laufey & Dodie

Clearly, Laufey has a knack for lyricism, utilizing Christmas themes such as romance and security to the fullest potential. The lyrics are easy yet wonderfully adorable and pull at your heartstrings. The idea of nestling down by the fire with a loved one is a desire you need to resist with each listen.

Photo Credits: Charlotte Hadden

Nonetheless, the instrumentals in the tune also shine through and prove Laufey’s versatility as a songwriter. Following in the tradition of Artie Shaw, Dave Brubeck, and Joe Pass, the single makes excellent use of the clarinet, piano, and Jazz Guitar. With each section that omits the vocals, we are rewarded with tidbits of clever solos.

In summary, the single is a feel-good hit that has the potential to be a modern-day holiday classic. Now on tour supporting her debut EP Typical of Me, Be sure to catch more Laufey & Dodie via Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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