Lana Lubany Shares Next Chapter in Self-Discovery Journey in “SOLD”

Rising alt-pop singer and songwriter, Lana Lubany, bridges the gap between the west and the east throughout her latest music. From both American and Palestinian descent, based in London, she is sharing her own story of identity and self-discovery. Her songs are sung in English and Arabic as she speaks of having an identity crisis when growing up as Palestinian in Israel, speaking Arabic, English and Hebrew. And ultimately, she stands out from the crowd in her infectious melodies, concrete visuals in her lyrics, and channels an ultimate uniqueness into her artistry. 

A deceptively bright sonic offering despite its subject matter, “SOLD” follows Lana Lubany’s most recent single “THE SNAKE“, a self-released viral sensation that amassed over 13 million views on TikTok and Instagram alone, with a further 6 million (and growing) streams on Spotify. “THE SNAKE” represents the moments of desire to seek out, and ultimately allowing in the negative things into your life.

“SOLD” is about falling prey to that persuasive voice in your head that stops you from making the right decisions. It tempts you into creating a ruthless cycle of repetition and regret, where your comfort zone is your safety, but your safety is your danger zone. You’ve had a taste of luck in the past, and it was comfortable, so you try different shortcuts and start losing and doubting yourself in the process.

~ Lana Lubany

Seamlessly blending from her previous single, “SOLD” uses similar sonic soundscapes with vibrant and concrete allusions to the initial pull in to the dark temptations. The infectious nature of both singles all the more give the song its draw and pulls more meaning as the two songs in themselves tend to stay in the head long after they’ve finished. And lyrically, their themes collide into the full concept, with much more to follow as fans crave for the next chapter in her journey into self discovery.

Watch the official music video below:

SOLD [Official Music Video]

The upcoming project, called THE HOLY LAND, was made with close collaborator and producer Ben Thomson, and it is a very personal and creative exploration into a journey of self discovery for Lana herself. Lana comments:

It’s about internal battles. I wanted to call it THE HOLY LAND because I personally ended up finding my identity in my roots, but it could be anybody’s hold land. It can be whatever you find sacred and wherever you end up finding yourself. It’s not about religious symbolism, it’s about a personal journey.

~ Lana Lunaby

Listen to Lana Lubany’s “SOLD,” available on all major listening platforms!

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