Get Ready For Viral Producer And TikTok Star AYYBO’s Upcoming Banger “MOVE LIKE THIS

Returning after the hype from “Hypnosis,” TikToker and producer AYYBO plans on keeping the flames burning with his upcoming single “MOVE LIKE THIS.” The single dropped via the electronic duo Zeds Dead’s sublabel, Altered States. And the California-based artist is striding towards a distinctive sound instead of the typical ’90s sound many House artists are adopting these days.

“MOVE LIKE THIS” is the kind of tune you’d expect to hear at a club that mainly plays house music. But, like a chef cooking a widely known dish, AYYBO takes the clichéd house music sound and tosses in some original flavor. He throws some retro-techno with a dash of funk that gives the song its groove. Usually, attention is drawn to a particular element of a piece, whether it be vocals or the beat, but AYYBO perfectly blends everything.

Photo Credit: AYYBO

“MOVE LIKE THIS” is more chill than “Hypnosis,” but it’s nice that AYYBO made it to where people can dance to the tune or vibe. While AYYBO is an emerging artist, he has been maintaining an online presence through his music. And the overwhelming positivity he has received from many people worldwide evidently pushes him to raise the bar with each release.

“Hypnosis” gained over 1.4 million streams in its first month. Other songs that AYYBO has released in 2022 are “GDB,” “FUNK 2000,” “DO THIS,” “BUSY,” and “WHIPLASH.”

“MOVE LIKE THIS” will drop on Sept. 14. Once it drops, go listen to it on your preferred music streaming platform.

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