LACES is “Almost Happy” While Reminiscing of Simpler Times in Unplugged Single

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LACES releases a new single that digs deep into the nostalgia of longing for a simpler time, a theme that we can all relate to, at least over the past year and a half if nothing else. LACES (Jessica Vaughn) called upon her long-time friend COLXY (We The Kings’ Coley O’Toole) to play all of the instruments on this stripped-down version of her latest single. The two met when she was just a teenager, about to release her first album under the name Charlotte Sometimes, and he became the keyboard player in her band as they headed out on their first tour, supporting Butch Walker. Given that “Almost Happy” aches with nostalgia, this pairing only made sense. LACES warmly explains,

Coley and I have always shared such a special bond and grew up on the road together. When I was too scared to play, he would offer words of encouragement, let me cry, and would carry the weight when I didn’t have it in me. We would often play radio shows just the two of us and this unplugged version of “Almost Happy” is a great example of the magic we create together. It feels really special to share this release as two grown adults. We have come so far but at the same time, we’ve picked up where we left off.

Reflective of her words, LACES is a breathtaking realization of years of potential. Still defined by the openness and cashmere voice that originally set her apart as Charlotte Sometimes, she hasn’t glossed over her darkly compelling jagged edges. She’s just allowing more of her warmth, self-acceptance, and light to be heard. The diversity of her current output is dizzying. As LACES, she writes and performs subtly brilliant adult alt-pop songs. As Jessica Vaughn, she pens and produced music for Hasbro cartoons and has secured placement on series and specials on various show networks. LACES’ new songs articulate her willingness to be vulnerable and the clarity of her vision – mining bleak spaces for hope, and never coming up empty-handed.

Building on the nostalgia factor of the original track, this unplugged version emphasizes the lyrics and the emotions behidn them. Where the original track has an indie rock soundscape to it, the unplugged track is exactly what it sounds like – stripped-down to really highlight the sentimental message. Pleasant guitar strums back the drifting dulcet-toned vocals. As the lyrics cascade through the sonic atmosphere, the song swirls around listeners and wraps them into the relatable reflection of life and growth. Listeners are left with a sense of bittersweet warmth.

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