Though this year is off to a rough start, we hope these songs will brighten up your spirits and hope for better days.

“The Lorn & Trembling Blues,” by Jamie Rhodes x Ben Roberts: This beautiful folk collaboration features emotional strings, guitar, and other cinematic instrumentals. The low vocals create a unique storytelling experience throughout the track as the song builds upon itself.

“Wanderman,” by PACEMAKER: This Israeli folk rock band offers a tangible musical experience in their track to tell a unique story of a wanderer longing to discover simplicity and innocence in a collective protest through personal pains.

“Different Light,” by Subshine: This alternative, synth pop track brings back the nostalgia of the 80’s, inspiring peace in the middle of our chaotic time in life.

“Pacific Shore,” by Lucy Dreams: This indie track has a cool beat and soothing vocals. Its upbeat sound contrasts the melancholic message it holds. While questioning the way people have treated the earth over history, its uplifting tune offers an optimism of improvement and an urge for change.

“About Last Night,” by Citrus Hues: With its female-led vocals, this groovy beat buries the soul in the track while it holds the emotions and worries of love and a relationship just as things start to get serious.

“On My Way Again,” by Ali Coyle: This indie-pop melody blends with layers of poetic-folk guitar, vintage synthesizers, and organic and electronic drums. The song beautifully depicts the story of heartbreak and love.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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