Kelly Clarkson Releases Collection of Her Greatest Covers with Kellyoke EP

Kelly Clarkson first stole the hearts of audiences everywhere when she competed on and won the first ever season of the singing show American Idol. Since her historic victory in 2002, Clarkson has cemented herself as one of the greatest vocalists of our time. Her day-time show The Kelly Clarkson Show often sees its host perform covers of popular songs across a wide array of genres. Kellyoke is a six-track EP featuring full versions of Clarkson’s greatest covers.

Kellyoke‘s first track “Blue Bayou” sees Clarkson recreating the iconic song made famous by none other than Linda Ronstadt. Clarkson’s cover takes on a more country approach to the tune as opposed to the rock and roll feel of Ronstadt’s original. The impeccable background singers, paired with Clarkson’s buttery and breathy vocal performance, remind listeners why she’s our American idol.

“Blue Bayou” Cover by Kelly Clarkson

The next song off of the EP is a cover of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.” It is yet another amazing performance from Clarkson. Her musicality truly shines in her rendition of the song, and the way she hangs onto notes at the end of a phrase is nothing shy of pure auditory ecstasy.

Something not to be overlooked in this version of “Call Out My Name,” are the otherworldly performances by the band. The guitar solo leading into the song’s bridge is some of the cleanest and most attention-grabbing playing you’ll hear in a pop cover. As Clarkson begs “call out my name” you can feel the desperation and determination spilling out of the guitar.

A song that’s been on everybody’s radar this year, “Happier Than Ever,” is the next track on Kellyoke. The original song that we all know and love is performed with a straight-forward, laissez-faire attitude that sells the indifference (original singer) Billie Eilish feels towards the situations her song details. In the first part of her cover, Clarkson adopts the vocal stylings of 1920s lounge singer equipped with heavy vibrato and exaggerated phrasing choices.

As “Happier Than Ever” builds to its explosive conclusion, Clarkson ditches the sultry, smooth vocals and instead gives audiences a taste of her signature power-ballad style, featuring gravelly phrases to emphasize the anger behind her rendition of the song.

“Happier Than Ever” Cover by Kelly Clarkson

The next of Clarkson’s covers is “Queen Of The Night.” A Whitney Houston power ballad is certainly in Kelly’s wheelhouse and it shows in this song. She is aggressive with her attack of the notes and takes advantage of every opportunity to ad-lib throughout the cover. Without being able to see Clarkson sing, audiences still get to experience a full Vegas performance, pyrotechnics and all, just through her vocal delivery. Kelly Clarkson’s dystopian rock ballad rendition of “Queen Of The Night” is a definite cannot miss for music lovers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Shane McCauley

“Trampoline” (originally performed by SHAED) is the next song off of Clarkson’s latest EP. This cover sees Clarkson utilize her upper register and leave listeners wondering if there’s anything the singer can’t do. Fortunately for Clarkson’s fans, there isn’t anything that she can’t do and she makes that evident with Kellyoke.

The final song on the EP is a cover of one of Radiohead’s most famous songs “Fake Plastic Trees.” Clarkson’s rendition is beautifully broken, and achieves this sound with her flawless transition from head to chest voice. It’s impossible not to hear this version of the song and not be captivated until the last note.

Don’t just take this writer’s word for it, check out Kellyoke for yourself. It’s available now on all streaming platforms. For more news and reviews about your favorite artists, be sure to keep checking back with Glasse Factory!

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