Today, on January 28th of 2020, Justin Bieber finally announced the name of his tour and who he’s bringing along. The famous artist has sold out so many shows in the past also starting at a younger age. He was discover on Youtube in 2008, and later became the first artist to reach 10 billion views on there. He had taken a break from the music industry and canceled some of his last tour, Purpose. Justin Bieber is now ready to come back to music and show his new sound to the world. The artists also made a big announcement video back in December of 2019. The announcement dropped hints of an album, tour, and docu-series.

Justin Bieber is bringing us music we probably are not ready for. He is a changed man and artist in so many ways. He has taken a break from the spotlight for many years now and he is ready to return to stage. While Justin has been on break he has gotten married to his true love, Hailey Bieber. The artist has dealt with illness, drugs, and self esteem. Those things as a person can affect anyone, but he truly feels now he’s in the place that he needs to be in. Yesterday, on January 27th the artist made a post on Twitter that his docu-series had released on Youtube. The series being on Youtube is great, because everyone can watch for free. Justin says this series is suppose to show a lot about him and his break from music. The docu-series contains a lot about his journey in and out of the spotlight. Hopefully this will give a lot of fans around the world insight to what he’s been dealing with.

As artist it’s very hard having a private life and especially after a cancel on a tour. Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight for a while now and started at such a young age. He truly loves playing music and touring, but taking a break was what was needed for him. He has fans all around the world that have been eager to hear more music from him. His new single, Yummy has been a hit ever since the release a couple weeks ago. Everyone has been wondering when new music would release ever since #BIEBER2020. Today, Justin Bieber announced the name of his tour, Changes. The name of the tour fits perfect with what’s happening with him now. The tour is going to be big and in fact the venues are all stadiums or arenas.


The announcement of the tour also tagging along with him are artists, Kehlani and Jaden Smith. When he made the announcement on socials he also announced a new single with Kehlani called, Get Me. Her voice is absolutely magnificent and pairs up perfectly with him on this new song.  Justin’s new album, Changes is set to release on February 14th of 2020, which falls on Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out his new single and pre-save his album here.  

Tickets for the tour go on sale for pre-sale January 30th to February 13th of 2020 and then on sale to the public on Valentines Day. Get Tickets to Changes here.


Anna Stephens Editor
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Anna Stephens Editor
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