At the beginning of this review, I need to admit that Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands, so it was no brainer for me to give up a much bigger show happening in Copenhagen at the same time (FFDP + Megadeth) and travel up north to the city of Hamlet – Helsingør (a.k.a. Elsinore). Local culture house KUTO is located just in front of Kronborg castle and the show took place in the ‘Hal 14’ – the old dry dock adapted for the concert venue.

The venue was almost filled in when the lights went down and the background behind the drum set turned into a movie screen began to play the intro to the show – an android from the cover of the latest record ‘Distance Over Time’ shuffling and playing on the screen’s with a Dream Theater album covers like with apps on some kind of working console. The band started to slowly approach the stage and the crowd consisting mostly of ‘adults’ started to get crazy seeing their idols the same way as teenagers are welcoming latest pop starlets. The venue was filled with an opening riff of ‘Untethered Angel’.

John Petrucci was getting crazy on the guitar with rest of the band joining him shortly after. James La Brie was the last one to show up on stage and shortly he took control of the microphone. The prog metal party has started for good! Fans were getting crazy, singing and playing air-guitars and air-drums accompanying their idols.

The Reaction from fans was even hotter when Jordan Rudess used his keyboard to play first notes of ‘Nightmare to Remember’ – this epic truck with super-fast solo part on both guitar and keyboard was entertaining the audience for over fifteen minutes with a big cheer summing it up at the end. The band continued the set with new material, adding another amazing old truck ‘In the Presence of Enemies’ and after a bit over an hour left the stage for a twenty minutes break.

The second part of the show was something that the hardcore fans were waiting for years – Dream Theater performing ‘Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes from a Memory’ in its entirety. An album which have a cult status among prog fans turned 20 last year and as a part of a celebration Dream Theater created a set which consist of the full album. The story of Nicholas – a man who is learning about the history of a young girl called Victoria through hypnotic trance was illustrated with a new and amazing cartoon movie played simultaneously with the music on the back of the stage. Just before the start of the set James La Brie asked if the audience has rehearsed the lyrics ‘if yes, I can go and get a drink and you will be singing’.

The comment as expected made everyone laugh and cheer. The band played it the same as when it was written for an album, without many breaks between the songs. Only longer break took place between acts where the band, together with the fans celebrated a birthday of band’s bassist – John Myung. The show continued exceeding two and half hours of music when the band left the stage for a short moment to return for an encore – ‘At Wit’s End’ – almost ten minutes long masterpiece from the last record followed with a picture from the stage with the audience.

This was a wrap for the night and time to get back to Copenhagen – the whole almost an hour-long trip back together with my friend we were discussing how great the show was, apparently it was a good choice to skip more popular show and travel far outside of the city.

  • Kasper Pasinski

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