Jon Hope Delivers Inspirational Messages with “Where We Come From” and “THS”

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Jon Hope delivers inspirational and deeply personal rhymes in his uplifting new video for, “THS” featuring vocalist Israel Wusu. Prior to Hope’s powerful performance, the stage is first set with words of wisdom by none other than Jim Jones for the appropriately titled, “Where We Come From.”

Growing up in foster care, Hope was exposed to hip-hop and when mixed with his mother’s eclectic taste, he was destined to create music with that same range. In an era and time where you’ll hear the narrative that artists need to find a lane and stick to it, Hope is constantly swerving in and out of lanes. He has long understood and felt the pressures of the legacy he carries. He reflects,

As a 1st generation African, I had to compartmentalize and code-switch because my mom was very strict and didn’t want me to subscribe to the lifestyle of Black Americans. Then I had to deal with overt and covert racism at school. Lastly, I had to navigate being made fun of by my Black American friends who didn’t understand my African culture and food…I got honors but got kicked out of 7th grade. I’ve been locked up but have a Master’s degree in Education Leadership. That sums up the type of kid I was.”

All of this experience has been a catalyst for creating something for everyone. From trap-infused anthems to more rough and rugged underground sounding cuts, Hope is versatile and exudes raw talent. 2021 sees him expanding into various mediums, authorship, a signature collection, and a brand new project.

“Where We Come From” is a riveting prologue where Jones drops a whole lot of knowledge, ranging from life experiences to life lessons. The subtle instrumental backing draws focus to the resounding words, setting the stage for an emotional and passionate performance of “THS,” which stands for “That Hope Sh**.”

“THS” delivers a timely, inspiring, and motivating message. Set on a stunning coastline, the sound of waves washing over the shore introduces the song before a hard-hitting beat is layered over delicate piano chords. Hope delivers a calculated performance. Each phrase is measured. Each breath is meaningful. The lyrics explore confidence, knowing one’s place in the world, and realizing the impact you have. A prominent piano piece takes over in the last part of the song with Wusu providing soothing vocals to close out the track. The message is uplifting and the production is rousing. It leaves listeners feeling confident, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

Hope’s upcoming album, Hope All Is Well, is due out next Wednesday, March 3, through Perfect Time Music Group. You can pre-save or pre-order it here.

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