$olo Reflects on Last Year in “Hindsight in 2020”

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2020 was an unexpected whirlwind that I don’t think anyone was expecting but everyone has since reflected on it deeply. $olo is not exempt from that reflection – he released “Hindsight is 2020” at the end of 2020 to wrap up the year from his perspective with personal anecdotes and actual events.

Hailing from Broward, County in South Florida, $olo boasts melodic verses and hooks that don’t pull back on lyrics or content. $olo first started taking music seriously his second year of college, but has been accustomed with recording since the age of 13. With influences ranging from Lauryn Hill to Lil Uzi Vert, you never know what $olo is going to pull from his multifaceted sleeves.

“Hindsight is 2020” is a song that carries low-key vibes, which is comparable to the introspective mood of the song. The instrumental is very reminiscent of old-school hip-hop beats – it has a hard-hitting beat but stripped-back instrumentals to balance out the sounds. $olo’s flow is a constant wave over the beats as his lyrics explore the decisions he had to make over the last year on who is in his social circle and also how he’s setting himself up for the future life he wants. He also touches some major social events, including the presidential race as well as Black Lives Matter, to wrap up the smooth flowing song.

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  1. $olo is a diverse artist with amazing penmanship. His flows are unique and his lyricism is unmatched. Definitely an underrated artist with robust talents.

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