“It Should’ve Been Raining” Shows a Different Side of Against The Sun with Deeply Personal Story

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Coming out of the Orange County music scene in California, Against The Sun is ready to redefine the next generation of rock music. Their unique blend of heavy instrumentals, clean yet intense vocals, and harsh honest lyrics has already caught the attention of labels such as Rise or Die Records and fans alike. The band formed when long-time singer/songwriter Brad West teamed up with friends Tim Creasy and Brad Mitchell to develop a never-before-heard sound in heavy music. Along with recently recruited Alex Galusha, the band began to hit its stride, performing at Knotfest 2019, the House of Blues in Anaheim, and headlining at Chain Reaction. The band is leading the charge for rock music with their new recent singles in preparation for an EP release later this summer.

“It Should’ve Been Raining” is their newest single and it shows a completely new side to the music the band normally creates, taking heavy inspiration from emo and incorporating more atmospheric sounds to add depth. The song tells the story of one of the member’s mothers who passed away two years ago, delving into her story of substance abuse and the complicated relationship between her and her child as a result of that.

Given the heaviness of the topic, the introduction is rightfully quiet and forlorn. The sound of raindrops sets a somber atmosphere, only to be lightly balanced by gentle guitar strums. Sorrowful vocals carry weight as they glide across the soundscape. Even as the instrumentals swell into the chorus and the vocals reach an almost-screamed level, the heartache is still apparent. The lyrics reveal the complex relationship – knowing that someone who struggles with substance abuse may be doing the best that they can, but still feeling hurt by them while not wanting to give up on them. Complicated emotions can arise in these situations and that internal conflict is well-reflected in the production of this song. The rises and falls in the performance mirror the ups and downs that one can feel in this situation. It’s a beautifully written and produced track that touches on something that is often quite difficult to talk about, so I applaud the band for its vulnerability in bringing such a topic to the forefront of this song.

The band hopes this song can resonate with those who have felt the pain of losing someone you love or know the struggle of having someone close to you who suffers from substance abuse. Their general message is to love those who we’ve lost and cherish those of us that are fortunate enough to still be here.

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