Alessia Labate Challenges Negative Self-Talk in “Conversations with Myself”

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23-year-old Alessia Labate is a Milan-based singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist who has always been surrounded by music. She was first discovered as a contestant on Io Canto, an Italian talent show, at the age of 12. She began to develop her songwriting as a teenager and then participate in The Voice of Italy at the age of 17. These high profile experiences shaped Alessia’s approach to creating music and helped pave the way for her to enter a prestigious songwriting school, CET- Mogol, to perfect her talent. After graduating high school, she moved to Rome and then Milan to further her career. Since then, she has been signed to an NY-based management company and collaborated with producers and songwriters from around the world. She will be releasing her debut EP this year.

“Conversations with Myself” is Alessia’s latest single and an honest look into a challenge that Alessia, and likely many of her listeners, deals with – negative self-talk. She collaborated with R I V E R A, an Italian DJ/production duo that came together just this year to create a new sound in the dance scene, to release this polished track, complete with a danceable electronic bassline and strong-willed vocals. Of the track, Alessia shares,

The song is about my inner dialogue and the way I’m working towards making it positive. I acknowledge the way I beat myself up for not always being kind and the way I suffocate my feelings not to hurt other people. That song planted a seed in my soul and after all the challenges 2020 faced me with I can finally see it blossom. I wrote the song in Bucharest during my first trip to HaHaHa, a leading production company in the Romanian market, with Serban Cazan; he’s an experienced writer, producer, and an amazing person and really helped me put my feelings into music that day. Loving myself is so important and it doesn’t always come easy, it’s a lot of work.

Negative self-talk is easy to fall into and difficult to change. And one of the only successful ways to challenge negative self-talk is to restructure the way we talk to ourselves, meaning we must talk more positively to ourselves, whether by celebrating our accomplishments more or simply scolding ourselves less. The uplifting message is supported by the upbeat, dancehall production which draws on influences from reggaetón to 80’s retro-pop. As Alessia explores the lessons she has learned through her journey towards self-appreciation and self-love, she shares these lessons with her listeners in a confident tone. The deliberate electronic embellishments, backing vocals, and hip-swaying beats tie together the assured lyrics to create a final product that cheerfully showcases the journey.

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