Youthful mornings spent on his mother’s bed watching pop culture channels, Destino always knew that he wanted to pursue the life of a music artist. Throughout 8 years of piano lessons, he craved more. Keeping notebooks of lyrical collections and creating little songs for himself, it wasn’t until he began college that he developed the will to pursue recording and developing his creations to the fullest. With the help of his co-producer Ian Bellue, Destino recently released “The Ocean,” a track that stops time to zoom-in on the brief loves we have in our lives.


With a bold introduction of LA traffic lights, the electronic-pop artist simply speaks few words to set the scene for a temporary, yet deep love. The beat drops into a dreamy, vibrant tune, sounding the way the tides look. Destino described what this song means to him in a Glasse interview: “It’s about a memory. A memory that I didn’t want to forget. A person I knew in LA, they showed me what it meant to truly give love to somebody. We both understood that it was temporary, and we just made the most of the time that we did have together.”

The longing essence of the track is felt chiefly in the chorus. “But when the tide rolled in / and the ocean kissed my feet / I said ‘baby don’t stop.’ / Aye, did I lose you there inside a moment?” Nostalgia of a momentary connection is released through Destino’s romantic vocals, embodying the energetic vibrations of a past love.


Towards the end of the song, there is an echoing repetition of the refrain, “I’ve been thinking of us lately.” The phrase follows a fresh deepening of bass, reminding the listener of that inner mind broken record, skipping back to a momentous glimpse in the past—we all have one.

Destino worked on this song for months, meticulously molding “The Ocean,” to sound even better than the last time he heard it. He stayed true to the artist’s method of creation, and spent that extra time to craft this song to the exact sound he desired. Allow Destino’s “The Ocean” to caress your longing nostalgia, or simply press play for an oscillating tune to accompany you in your solo dance-sesh.


Stream “The Ocean” on Spotify, and follow Destino on Instagram for updates on the upcoming free music showcase “Mixed Meadows” in Denver on September 9th!



Written by Stephanie Regan

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