Brett Koolik wanted a summer bop, a happy, catchy melody with the underlying message of: I’m not taking this anymore. The track began with lyrics written based on Koolik’s observations of his friend going through constant confusion, in a relationship with someone who was only consistent in her inconsistency. This hot and cold experience then became personal when Koolik was consoling his friend, and the track “Someday” was also written—and will be released this week. Brett Koolik told Glasse that he “wanted everyone to have the confidence to say ‘bye’ if they’re in a relationship that’s off and on.” 


The story is simply told, as soon as you press play. “You’re off and you’re on / you’re pulling me close / you push me away, that’s how you love me the most… But one thing’s for sure, I won’t be here in the mornin’.” Amongst a blissful brass beat—that only took Koolik 45 minutes to make, by the way—there’s a meek message of “Cya!” to the person who is persistently back and forth in a romantic relationship. 

As Koolik was wrapping up in the studio, he ran into singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Ben Seltzer, as well as guitarist and singer TARYN. Koolik asked Seltzer if he could do vocal layers over “Off and On,” and the three artists went back in the studio, made the song fuller and brought it to the next level. The vocal layers create a beautifully stacked sound, which can be treated as a single sound that can then be ran through any programs. The catchy lyrics are strong in their stacks, and work in synchronization with the delightful tune. There’s even a songful hint of social media notifications throughout the track. Koolik mentioned that he wanted “Off and On” to be a happier sound, because the prologue track to this story is sadder—”Someday” will be released this week.

 “Off and On” is the uplifting tune that Brett Koolik was striving towards, with a friendly ‘goodbye,’ the perfect addition to your summer playlist. Listen now on Spotify, and follow Brett Koolik to hear “Someday” when it comes!

Written by Stephanie Regan

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