Four-piece, alternative pop-rock band, Arbor, recently dropped their latest single, “Losing Myself to You,” out of their home base in Nashville. Formed officially in early 2016, the band takes on a unique style combining fun synth-pop melodies with hard rock breakdowns. Arbor’s unique energy is best channeled on the stage, and their sound is evidently made to be performed and experienced at its fullest on the live music scene. This makes their music all the more meaningful, since their momentum just started to gain in the peak of the pandemic, when we were missing live shows the most. The band features founding members Noah Dockery on vocals and Tanner Brzygot on bass. The band also includes Will Armstrong on drums and Cameron Morgan on keys.

Arbor started out small, playing out around Cincinnati Ohio at venues such as Bogarts, Madison Theater, and Thompson House in 2015. The band attracted attention for being so young, yet already a defined sound that could compete with the local music scene. In 2017, Arbor released their first single, “Relicta,” to be followed shortly by one of their heavier singles “False Perception” during summer 2018. The group is all about being a fully “DIY” project, and they take pride in their intimate connection with their fans as they perform. The band released their top single, “Intuition” in the heart of the pandemic, and has seen exponential growth since, gaining over 400,000 streams that year, and following up with their other pandemic single, “All I Think About Is You.” This year, the band is picking up the pace with their releases “Far Away,” and now, “Losing Myself to You.”

This track is the second song from our upcoming 5 track EP, releasing early 2022. This song was fully recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in our home studio in Nashville by Noah Dockery, Tanner Brzygot, and Will Armstrong. “Losing Myself to You” was originally written back in late 2018 and has changed forms many times before it finally reaching it’s final form in 2021.

~ Arbor

The alluring melody of “Losing Myself to You” hits its peak when the beat drops for the chorus. Textured in various beats and harmonizing melodies, the song is a great anthem displaying the yearning and longing to be closer to someone in a relationship to the extent of losing control over the mind.

Stream the new single, available now on all listening platforms:

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  • Tan
    2 years ago Reply

    10/10 enjoyed this article about this wonderful upcoming band! Thanks for sharing!

  • dan smith
    1 year ago Reply

    Love the synth sounds. Crazy that it’s just the band!

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