INCA’S “While You Were Sleeping” Is Instrumental Genius

Courtesy of INCA

In a funny way, it all started with a very simple bass line based on the Twin Peaks nouvelle intro music. That bass with delay it’s not very common in music production. Of course, there’s a huge difference between both songs. I remember [building] a kind of orchestra around this one and fighting in a good way with the drummer to keep it under a rock path, using [overdrive]/fuzz guitars and some vox continental. But the orchestration side should appear in this one [as well]… we both have a bunch of kids, and all of them love this music and chose it as their favorite.

INCA on developing “While You Where Sleeping”

Opening with a delayed bass line, self-made multi-instrumentalist Pedro J. better known by his stage name, INCA, sets the path for a unique orchestral rock experience with “While You Were Sleeping.” Gaining inspiration from the Twin Peaks introduction, the Lisbon-based composer and producer transports his audience on a dreamy instrumental journey full of rich tones and catchy riffs. Having created music since 2018, here is what four years of hard work and creativity have led up to with this single.

With wicked cool components such as keyboard, synths, bass, drums, and guitar, the track compresses all instruments together while showcasing each one’s capability. The most noticeable example would have to be the guitar work of INCA, presenting two distinct riffs that create the identity of the track. Adding flavor into the mix, interludes of synths and nuances of electronic melodies create more texture to an already stellar production. Bass, while very prevalent at the introduction, becomes more hidden throughout, creating depth with its plush resonance. As for percussion, João Quintino’s drumming provides complex rudiments on the hi-hat while also implementing the appropriate beat for each section of the track. Overall, what truly makes “While You Where Sleeping” shine is the relaxed approach to instrumentation, making each part appear effortless in performance.

Wildly entertaining and full of fun moments, you can find “While You Where Sleeping” out now via INCA’s newest album, E.T. Rides A DeLorean . For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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