A knife is a common thing we see in our daily lives. Whether for cooking, camping or crafts, we’ve all used it. Apart from the aforementioned, we also encounter it in popular media like in an action, crime or in a horror setting. While all these are well and good, there’s a dark side to knives as well. Especially when in the hands of nefarious people. This piece of metal is capable of unspeakable tragedy capable of damaging both the body and soul. 

Like it or not these “pointy things” accomplish one thing and that’s to slice. To divide but at the same time multiply into tiny pieces. Sounds creepy, no? But be reminded that it’s “darkness” ultimately depends on the individual using it as illustrated before. For at the end of the day, they are but tools. Neutral as water, blades as cold as ice. 

In the music world though, there’s a new gal. Her name, Ravenna Golden, the genre is hyperpop.  She’s not your run of the mill cutie, because she wields a “big knife”. A new single that is, released last March 10th via Big Beat Records. So, take note and watch out. She’s out to capture our hearts for the foreseeable future and all it starts with this recently released bop. 

Accompanying this freakishly good tune, is its music video that both taunts and fascinates. Which was unleashed on the same day. This knife just transformed into a double-edged sword.

True her name, this golden raven is on the rise as “Big knife” was preceded by hits such as her cover of Weezer’s classic “Beverly Hills” and “Expensive City”. With the latter being produced by her longtime friend and partner in crime Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs.

Like Jaws out in the open, we circle back to the song itself. Splash! “Big Knife”, paints this grim yet insane portrait of someone unraveling before our very eyes. Life has been unfair, and instead of breaking down the path of standing firm is taken. “I’ve always had bad luck when it comes to true love. I’ve always had bad luck. Now I make my own up”. But this fighting back is then turned to something demented when the path of being a villain is ultimately chosen. “Try to be so scary. Try to be so daring. Hide under ur covers cuz ur so scared of me. I’m tired of tryna do the right thing. Of tryna do the nice thing.”. A bit Joker-esque. The clown prince of darkness would grin with pleasure with this. 

When examining the music video, it has shades of a thriller movie which truly reflects the message of the song. The unsettling part here is that Ravenna Golden is addressing us. Looking us in the eye and oftentimes giving as death stares while she delivers her lyrics. The OMG level rises quickly when she starts waving her knife back and forth as if about to attack any moment. Spoilers, she doesn’t but even, so her smiles say otherwise. 

Now we ask. Is the song and mv worth your time? The answer is a resounding YES! It’s fresh, insightful, attractive bundled with undeniably energy. As for Ravenna Golden herself, she’s as fiery as her red hair. Like “The Phoenix” from the Marvel series X-men, she’s ready to take the world over and blaze her own trail to glory. 

In need of more Ravenna Golden? We do! If you feel the same, feel free to visit her official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts for nonstop edgy content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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