Ever since the dawn of “talkies” (movies with sound) in 1927 starting off with the movie “The Jazz Singer”. Film, television, and music have since then been inseparable. They’re like that band of friends connected at the hip since they were youngins. Then later on, you still see them going strong after all this time. In fact, they’ve bonded more and have treated each other as legitimate family members. 

Tight knit relationships aside, visual media with music has always been a must. Not just because it’s an unending fad, rather it elevates the production. It gives that additional layer of wonder and wander. Every note, beat, lyric (present or not), strikes an emotional chord for audiences to adhere to. It’s like a conversation with the soul engaging our deepest emotions. Moreover, music in film invites us to go on a journey with the characters regardless of their motives. Here secrets, thoughts and plans are revealed like in Scar’s song “Be Prepared”, from the Disney film “The Lion King”. Roar! This is the case for musicals and for movies with soundtracks. 

Like everything in existence, there are exceptions to the rule wherein music is the primary driver. All else, such as visuals, effects, and to an extent the plot are built around the tunes. Famous examples of these are Glee, Fantasia, and Animusic to name a few. These are important to note because it shows that songs are vehicles to tell stories as well.

Continuing with this rich tradition of audio and visual joining forces. Last March 25th, Capitol records released music from season two of the Netflix and Shondaland gem Bridgerton. For this stunner of a show, they will be releasing two volumes namely Bridgerton Season Two (Covers From The Netflix Series) and Bridgerton Season Two (Soundtrack From the Netflix Series). This dual edged baton boasts of classical versions of songs by Nirvana, Madonna, Rihanna, Harry Styles, and others. As well as original compositions that will surely take you for a time bending spin. All this put forth into the world the same time as the season began. 

Before you ride like the wind on your horse and carriage, let’s talk about the track list for both albums. Which by the way has a grand total of twenty-nine. Here’s the number breakdown, ten for the covers and nineteen for the originals. They are as follows, Bridgerton Season Two (Covers): “Stay Away” by Vitamin String Quartet, “Material Girl” by Kris Bowers, “Diamonds” by Hannah V, Joe Rodwell, “Dancing On My Own” by Vitamin String Quartet, “You Oughta Know” by Duomo, Tomas Piere-Serrate, “Kahbi Khushi Kabhie Gham” by Kris Bowers, “Sign Of The Times (Stripped)” by Steve Horner, “What About Us” by Duomo, “How Deep Is Your Love” by Kiris Houston, and “Wrecking Ball” by Midnite String Quartet.

Bridgerton Season Two (Soundtrack) on the other hand have these: “Sharpening My Knives”, “Accidental Eavesdropping”, “The Real Work Begins”, “A Gift For Edwina”, “Lord Bridgerton Stung”, “Game Over”, “A Country Visit”, “Hearts And Flowers Ball”, “Nothing Could Keep Me Away”, “They are Betrothed”, “Eloise And Theo”, “Not Far Enough”, “To Wait”, “Happy Endings Don’t Exist”, “Choices”, “It’s My Fault”, “I Love You”, “It Has Been Said” and “Newlyweds”. Whew! That’s more than a handful! 

Whether you lean more on the covers, original music, or both, they are sure to grab you by the neck and roll around the warm grass of happiness. While you’re at it in, go ahead and watch the show as well. It’ll do your heart good. We promise! 

To watch the show, go on over to Netflix, and Shondaland to experience some historically induced bliss. Be sure to follow them on their Instagram, and Twitter accounts for classy content. As for the soundtrack, you can buy them in online and physical retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target

Time to ride off to the sunset and enjoy Bridgerton! Off we go! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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