Hübac Releases Quick-Hitting Dubstep Song, “Moonshot”

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Hübac is a dubstep/trip-hop producer from Washington D.C. Even with one EP and a few singles available for stream, it’s clear that this producer is giving it their all in experimenting with different sounds to create something new and exciting.

Their latest single, “Moonshot,” is focused on bass design and a unique drum pattern. The introduction to the song is subtle and unassuming, but that doesn’t last long before the song builds into its pattern, with drums made with Abelton Push and synths made with Serum. The track, mastered by Fixed Mastering, maintains a very experimental and unique sound, but without any excessive frills or embellishments to detract from the focus on the sound design.

There is a generous amount of reverb, which helps to envelop the listener within the distortions. The drumline breaks the echoing effects to provide a quickened tempo. Various other synth effects are littered throughout to develop the soundscape, then in between differentiating vocal lines that repeat the song title. The song picks up a rhythm that vaguely resembles other bass-centric songs, but that’s also short-lived as the song dives back into its experimental space. When the song draws to a close, the soundscape goes back to the basics – reverb and the drum pattern.

You can watch the music video, created by VJT, below for the full audio/visual experience.

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