During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became almost imperative to the healthcare industry to develop new technological solutions to prevent the virus from spreading or find a cure. Therefore, there have been many tech advances in the healthcare community that reduce patients’ risk of death during the pandemic. 

If you’re interested in knowing how doctors and scientists are helping humankind, read on! We’ve compiled some of the most relevant tech trends they’re using to beat Covid-19.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has been used in the healthcare community over the last couple of years in two ways: forecasting medical traits and in drug development. Both are significant activities to combat the spread of Covid-19.  

With ML, scientists and doctors can find meaningful insights to forecast the behavior of the pandemic. This way, people can be prepared in advance and avoid the virus from spreading. On the other hand, ML can also be used in drug development so that scientists can find either a cure or a vaccine. 

According to Data Revenue, there are several other applications of machine learning to combat Covid-19. They include identifying patients who are more at risk, diagnosing other patients, and even predicting the next pandemic.


Telemedicine software is another notable tech trend that is helping doctors overcome the pandemic. Although it is not enough to assist a patient at high risk, it works for those that need an immediate response. This way, they don’t waste time scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Patients get diagnosed with telemedicine doctors, and they can also prescribe medicines for them. 

Telemedicine is also suitable for those patients that are being isolated because they caught the virus. Yet, if their case is dangerous, they should definitely go to the hospital.


This is the tricky thing with telemedicine. Although it has become a handy alternative for most patients, it also represents some cybersecurity risks. However, most IT companies have noticed this gap, and they have come up with the best cybersecurity systems for the healthcare community.

Remember that healthcare data is even more delicate because it involves the security of patients. Therefore, healthcare companies must aim to provide their patients with the most secure cybersecurity methods. Recently Mike Katz, the executive vice president of T-Mobile for Business, said in a CNBC report: “Today, our healthcare system is facing a monumental challenge in Covid-19.”

Internet of Medical Things

IoMT has been a key factor in the development of the healthcare industry. IoT helps monitor the patients’ symptoms and overall health. It is also used to diagnose diseases, and it’s actually pretty effective. Imagine having a device that helps doctors understand what the patient is feeling and what’s causing their condition. This is how IoT implants or smart pills work. They give doctors a brief preview of their patients’ conditions.

One of the most relevant IoMT devices is the smart pill, which was recently approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. This pill helps doctors diagnose any condition inside their stomach. 

According to this research, IoT has been used in the healthcare community to remotely monitor patients’ health. Besides, it is also used to provide patients with more comfort by using IoT thermostats.

Tech Wearable

Tech wearable was never more relevant than it is today. We use smartwatches for many things, but one of the most significant ones is to monitor our health. These are also IoT devices that help doctors have a better understanding of their patients’ conditions. Besides, the use of these devices allows scientists to collect meaningful data to understand the nature of the disease.


The use of technology in the healthcare industry can improve people’s lives and reduce this disease’s deathly risks. That’s why many healthcare companies are using technology in their favor to combat Covid-19. Some of those tech trends involve IoT, machine learning, and telemedicine. 

These technologies could even be used to predict future pandemic outbreaks and act accordingly. Covid-19 has definitely shaken our world, but with the help of technology, we’ll be able to overcome this situation and find new solutions that flatten the curve. Although we can’t completely predict the future, the only thing we can expect from it is that there will be even more technological developments that improve the quality of life of humankind.

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