Kid Travis is on a Roll with Releases and I “still want you” to Check Out His Music!

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Kid Travis, an emo rap artist from the Philly area, has been on my personal radar for a while now. He has his own unique sound that meshes the things I love most about Post Malone, Juice Wrld, and The Weeknd. I first discovered him by stumbling upon his cover of Juice Wrld‘s “Lucid Dreams” cover video on YouTube back in 2018. Then he came out with “Stay (Don’t Go)” and “Strawberry Skies“, and I’ve been hooked since, keeping an eye on him, following both his Instagram and Spotify accounts. Although he may be decently young, he knows the drill: engagement and consistency are key! Kid Travis is one of the most consistent emerging artists I’ve kept tabs on when it comes to releasing music. Every month it seems I’ll be seeing him pop up on my personal Spotify-algorithm-curated-Release-Radar playlist, as well as him hopping on IG Live to answer questions that fans have. He’ll answer just about everything from song inspiration to production tips in the studio. It’s no surprise that being so personable and genuine with his interactions with people who are interested in his music and creative process has truly fostered a loyal fanbase, known as the GROOVIE GANG, and consisting of 50-thousand followers and 800-thousand monthly listeners. Here are a few of Kid Travis‘ recent releases that you should definitely go check out!

Show U Luv: His smooth vocals pair with an emo-trap beat that make for a chill bop, with light guitar and EDM samples floating around in the background. Although it’s barely two minutes in length, Kid Travis sets a vibe with this song. He makes a simple statement with his lyrics… “If I dream of you, don’t wake me up. That’s why I was made to show you love. Don’t know what to say but, “Hey, what’s up?” Someone tell the bar tender to fill my cup.” Sometimes all you need is a simple beat with emo lyrics to-the-point to make a track that can easily get stuck in your head.

MOONLIT CREEK 2: This is a sequel to his 2018 track “Moonlit Creek“. Both have somber, acoustic vibes, but the newest Moonlit Creek has a bit more happening. You can hear traces of the original melodies from the first in the second, but with a fuller sound production, keeping you engaged from start to finish even with a slower tempo. Kid Travis‘ sweet voice swings up in melodies that lift the spirit as he spills his heart out in the lyrics.

9teen: Starting off strong with an audio clip of a hazard warning, listeners immediately know Kid Travis was feeling some type of way when writing this song about a young love gone wrong. We’ve all been there, done that, with toxic relationships and relationships with people who are just young and dumb and ungrateful. “9teen” is Kid Travis‘ story about wasting time on a shady someone. It’s got a driving beat and harmonies that keep the energy hot until the end.

still want you: Kid Travis showcases the softer side of his pop singing and songwriting capabilities in this simple love song. He professes allll the feelings between slow pop guitar melodies and open bass and drum grooves.

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