It is interesting to analyze the advances of technology around the world, in everything around us. Science and innovation have evolved a lot during the 21st century, even more than in all previous centuries. The pace of growth never stops, not even during a pandemic.

Even with the coronavirus, the tech industry made important advances in areas such as health and work. But what about education? Schools and universities have good prospects for the future thanks to technology. These new trends plan to improve educational performance and bring education to many parts of the world. Take a look at what the education industry will look like shortly:

Artificial Intelligence to Study

This century has been a special one for the innovation of Artificial Intelligence. This technology keeps receiving more economic support thanks to the results it offers. According to Statista, AI will grow by 56 percent in 2020, with an approximate value of $22.6 billion, a record that will continue to rise in the coming years. Also, this market will have more student participation.

AI has enabled many platforms to help people study efficiently. Chatbots are one of the most recent examples of this trend. This software programs offer immediate response to students regarding issues related to their schools, which maximizes the work time of administrative staff, all thanks to AI and databases. In this way, more attention will be devoted to education and there will be less bureaucratic stress.

Student and Teacher Wellness

Mental health will always be an important topic for everyone. No one can work or study comfortably with stress or anxiety problems. Unfortunately, in countries like the United States, stress levels in teachers are very high. According to The Guardian, 83 percent of educational leaders consider themselves stressed, and 49 percent of teachers say their work is hurting their lives.

For this reason, the tech industry has invested a lot of time and resources to create systems that reduce stress levels in the educational system. One such idea is wellness apps, which help the brain to work and reduce the loads on the mind. One of these apps is Mind Moose, which was designed to exercise the brain of elementary school students and strengthen their mental capacity and self-esteem.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most popular inventions within the new trends for education. Many believe that this software only works in the entertainment and video game industry. However, take a look at how VR has helped many students around the world perform better in school and university.

In medicine, for example, VR creates very real images that allow students to understand how the body works, how to perform surgery, and how to recognize every human organ. Regarding the efficiency of these methods, the studies show that the students who use this technology had better results in their exams. Virtual reality turns images into practical knowledge for everyone without any risk.

Remote Education

Finally, the pandemic and the closure of schools allowed the education industry to begin a process of change towards distance learning. Online classes were a profitable market for the tech industry in 2020, especially with platforms like Zoom and Google Classroom. Millions of students in the United States continued with their classes thanks to this software, which allows a secure and intuitive connection.

In addition to online classes, it is interesting to analyze how the Internet is providing a lot of educational content to students around the world, from articles searched through Google, to specific lessons on YouTube. These are ways in which technology is helping develop people’s intellect. The most positive point is that thanks to remote education, in the future more children, young people, and adults will be able to access quality education in areas where resources are scarce.


Changes in the world allow positive thoughts about a better future. Education will always be paramount, and with these trends, the goal is to create critically-thinking human beings with the ability to solve problems individually. These are just four of the most recent trends the tech industry is creating.

David Torrealba: I’m a Venezuelan journalist, illustrator, and SEO writer. I’ve been creating content for blogs, social media, newspaper, and websites since 2016.

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