How Music is Like Medicine: KENDALL’s Debut Single “Slow My Mind Down”

Released on April 1, 2022, new artist KENDALL has brought a unique view into the music industry as a studying physician. With the publishing of her debut “Slow My Mind Down,” it shows how her songwriting is sparked by human relationships, whether it be with romantic interests, friends, family, patients, or herself. 

KENDALL truly is a musician passionate about connecting to and healing with her audience. Originally from Los Angeles, she diligently trained to become a physician in Chicago, and has now returned home to California to pursue her Family Medicine Residency journey. Since childhood, music has kept her centered and grounded throughout her experiences as a collegiate D1 athlete, LGBTQ woman, and medical student. “Slow My Mind Down” perfectly exemplifies her belief that music is like medicine, and that it can help heal those who need it most.

The track itself is an incredible arrangement of displaying love and all of the different ways that it can be done. Starting with a beautiful arrangement of sea sounds and an acoustic guitar, KENDALL sings of how she wants another to be with her for longer, so that they can slow her mind of persistent racing thoughts. The single also shows her belief in living in the moment, and taking ahold of any passion that presents itself while being in a fruitful relationship.

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