“Hologram” is an Intimate Release of Emotions from Rosalie

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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Rosalie blends confessional and crafted lyrics into a unique electro-pop package with her new single, “Hologram.” She speaks her truth and tells her story of getting out of a toxic relationship that she was intentionally manipulated into and although it felt real to her, it turns out it wasn’t. It felt like a hologram. It didn’t feel like a normal breakup or heartbreak to her, so she turned to work on this single to truly tell her story.

Rosalie has been to hell and back before, which contributes to the depth and richness of not only her vocals but also her character. After almost fainting on stage, she knew something was off. But it took years for doctors to diagnose her with an autoimmune condition, one which affected her ability to sing. She had been a rising folk singer/songwriter back when she lived in Los Angeles, but after she finally recovered after the screeching halt from her condition, she decided to start from scratch with a move to Nashville. Immersed in the music scene of Nashville, Rosalie felt a strong pull to explore the sonic landscape of current pop music. The result? Left-of-center pop that merges the accessibility of catchy melodies, the adventure of programmed beats, the honesty and emotional vulnerability of folk, and the lyrical craft found in Nashville’s unique approach to songwriting.

“Hologram” is the latest single that showcases her unique approach to music and her strength to withstand life’s challenges, both physical and mental. With a heavy, but steadfast tone, she directly addresses her ex over a slow and weighty piano instrumental. As the tempo picks up entering the first chorus, more percussive elements are introduced with airy overtones that play into the metaphor, also supported by Rosalie’s vocals which become more ethereal. Breezy synths carry the vulnerable lyrics and become more amplified through the end of the song. In the final verse, Rosalie recognizes that she and her ex do not see love the same way, let alone treat a relationship the same way.

Although the song was inspired by a deeply heavy and sad experience, the light production and fulfilling lyrics create a song that is understanding and uplifting. Rosalie hopes that this song can help anyone else who has been through a similar experience – help them feel seen, heard, and not so alone.

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