“Forget About London” is Imogen Clark’s Lead Single from Upcoming EP

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I have never heard anyone reprimand themselves for relationship mistakes as gracefully as Australian songstress/guitarist Imogen Clark does in her newest single, “Forget About London.” The lead single from her upcoming EP, Bastards, the track rehashes an emotional and vulnerable time in Imogen’s life. Following a really tough breakup two summers ago, she was stranded in London and, in a rebound state, found herself swept up by a guy who ended up leading her on and leaving her heartbroken.

Although Imogen has been performing since she was 13, it wasn’t until recently that she found confidence within herself to show her true self through her songs. In fact, her previous EP, Making Of Me, was created as a manifesto to embracing all of the parts of herself that other people had rejected and to becoming a stronger, sharper, and more complete version of herself. She’s caring less about what others think of her and putting more energy into expressing her feelings and her thoughts, the way that she wants to. And by doing so, she hopes that listeners will connect with her songs and come out stronger of whatever struggles they’re experiencing.

With quite the ensemble of instruments providing an unrelenting backdrop (the full list is within the description of the YouTube video), Imogen creates a stunning indie-pop breakup ballad. Accompanied by a mirroring music video, “Forget About London” revisits Imogen’s heart-wrenching and eye-opening experience in London. The video shows everything you’d expect from a breakup ballad – from the opening scene of getting a haircut (been there) to the ending scene of Imogen cathartically smashing up cardboard symbols of London and everything in between, including a gratuitous amount of makeout scenes. Imogen layers assured vocals over a guitar-driven melody, singing about what she remembers, what she needs to forget, and about how she dodged a bullet. And all of this while she stares confidently into the camera as she strums her pink paisley Fender, equipped with a paisley monogrammed strap.

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