HEARTATTRACKS’ “Chiaquii” Will Leave You Breathless


“Chiaquii is an instrumental track informed by a nostalgic sensibility and inspired by new horizons… It’s meant to reflect the idea of change and new horizons – the idea of stepping into the future as whatever version of yourself you wish to be.”

HEARTATTRACKS (Alexandre Dubois) on “Chiaquii”

HEARTATTRACKS is the multimedia project of independent Melbourne-based artist Alexandre Dubois, whose experimental pop sound can be described as both highly textural and quasi-cinematic. Often associated with introspective lyricism, the artist branches out with his new instrumental, “Chiaquii,” a downtempo effort that parallels the likes of Boards of Canada, Shlohmo, and early Apex Twin. Containing a massive soundscape, the production behind the track showcases the musician at his most artistically mature. Resonant, articulate, and calming, here is an inside look into the breathtaking “Chiaquii”.

To start, the wall of sound found within the track echoes beauty with each listen. A purely ethereal experience, the song is indebted to Dubois’ rigorous attention to detail, which combines electronic components with distorted lofi guitars. Constantly on the move, the track does not have the traditional “verse, chorus, verse” and instead fixates on a long lead in that gradually builds up into an explosion of texture. Full of blissful synth, pulsating bass, and original vocal blips, the track expresses itself as peaceful and unrelenting. In summary, from the “in your face” moments, such as at 0:47 and 2:26, to more nuanced bits, such as at the 1:35 mark, “Chiaquii” feels scattered, yet still consistently optimistic.

Currently, out now, you can listen to “Chiaquii” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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