In a world where modern music often sounds the same across the board, it is so refreshing to hear a song and artist that are wholly unique compared to the rest of the industry. Such is the case with Angela Amarualik and one of her latest singles, “Uvannik.” Amarualik hails from Igloolik and is a member of the Inuit nation, a fact that is wonderfully represented in “Uvannik,” which:

“Pays tribute to a close friend Amarualik lost and is meant to honour her friend’s legacy as a musician.”

For the vast majority of the song, Amarualik sings — in a beautifully haunting voice — in her native language of Inuktitut, save for the chorus sung in English: “By myself, oh by myself / Why did you have to leave / This world was a better place with you / With you.” It’s a simple message with a powerful punch, and provides the perfect melding of pop sensibilities with traditional Inuit melodies and traditions — like throat-singing, which Amarualik utilizes at various points atop the moody electronica beats. There’s elements of Amarualik’s culture and love of pop music scattered throughout “Uvannik” — making her not only an artist to watch, but a truly distinctive voice in a sea that too-often never starts from the familiar.

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