Hazel English Shares Captivating Video for “All Dressed Up” Featuring Day Wave

Love always felt debilitating yet very familiar when we were 16. It started, it ended, and we all walked the same steps to forget it ever happened. We sat in the dimness of our despair, crumpled in a comforter, corroded with tears, never knowing whether to grimace with disgust or weep with shattered lungs. A feeling we tried so hard to bury, but when recounted in the now, becomes almost shameful. To turn those feelings into art is nothing short of brilliant and Hazel English did so with grace. In her newly released video for “All Dressed Up” featuring Day Wave (Jackson Phillips), the Australia-born LA-based singer/songwriter rewrote her narrative of young love. With English’s gleaming vocals complimented by Jackson Phillips’ tender tone, the two transformed a heartbreak song into a blissful film.

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Written, directed, and produced by both artists, the piece acts as a tribute to their friendship and a glimpse into their creative space. The song on its own brings warmth, but the video adds a cooling layer. Shot through a kaleidoscope of thick glass and opaque hues, the cinematography draws attention to the saturation–an intentional tactic. The brightly colored splotches seem to center around English and Phillips while the background becomes dulls, putting their hearts at the forefront.

“Jackson and I have such a great flow when it comes to working on music that it was easy to essentially pick up where we had left off. Our process together is very quick and fun, no second guessing,”

Hazel English on collaborating with Day Wave (Broadway World)

At the song’s start, we hear a flower struggling to bloom, flawlessly depicted in the first shot. English lays in the grass, engulfed in a floral frenzy, but portrays a person of unease. A once calm, euphoric environment becomes melancholic. As she begins her serenade, her face speaks volumes above her words. “Say you wanna live in a dream/But I’d rather you sit here with me/Well it could be what you’re needing,” she says questionably, almost looking desperate. Following her through an enchanted forrest, the songs glides with her and introduces Phillips.

As he morphs the first verse into his own tale, the camera accompanies him on his own battle with agony. His subtle movements turn into a conversation between him and the screen, drawing us in with his unavoidable gaze. “I’m still drawn to you,” is echoed right before an eclectic grin, which breaks the tension and invites a somewhat nostalgic sense of relief. A relief that comes when love feels like a disintegrating silhouette.

Check out her newest EP “SUMMER NIGHTS,” dropping on June 17th.

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