Become Vulnerable with Alex the Astronaut’s New Single, ‘Haircut’

Alex The Astronaut has always been uncomfortably honest and articulately relatable. A once scared, confined, and self-effacing artist treaded the suffocating waters to come out on top and speak for the unspeakable. The convection of her lyrics cater to those who avoid their own reflections and want to peel back their own skin, like she once wanted to. But like all great artists, she found a way to face the darkness with music. At her start in 2017, the Sydney born singer/songwriter held our hand through her fight for pride in her EP, Whom It May Concern, catapulting her from “The Land Down Under” and into the universe.

With a name like hers, it was no surprise that her recently released hit single, Haircut, shot us through the Milky Way only to peacefully place us in a land of folk-pop percussion. Haircut sucks you in almost immediately with its warmly, aggressive vocals leaving no time for departure. She gets to the point and she gets to it fast, taking a quantum leap to the denouement–her eagerly-anticipated finale.

Beginning as a seed from a drastic haircut, a trip to The Blue Mountains, and a plunder into a frigid waterfall, Alex told NME that, “this song is about then… even though the world is a scary and sometimes mean and dangerous place to be in if you’re different, if you have a group of people that love you, it can help you be okay.” Comparable to the inspirations conception, this track follows a pattern of speaking simply, but alluding to a much more cavernous emotion–one that we all, at one point, have felt.

“Cause since I’ve cut my hair I’ve been feeling so much better/It was more than that/Now the mirror looks back/And I feel like who I am supposed to be,” seeps through the shallows and floods the doubtful with strength, creating an eloquent anthem of identity. Bringing to fruition what other’s dream of becoming, this song plays like a deafening sigh of relief. Her ability to lace her own narrative with the unbearable torment others feel against the world is nothing less than admirable.

Album Cover Art/ Guilia McGauran

Accompanied by a melancholic yet frantic tempo, Alex solidifies her distinctive sound. Showcasing her ability to mix chaos and comfort in an almost impossible way. The third verse of this track wraps its tenders arms around your body and maternally sets you free. Gently, she treads on the inevitable and tells us that “One day I’ll lose you and you’ll lose me/So what if right now we win?” Almost coming off as an incentive, she conveys the message that one day we’ll all be a memory to each other, so why not be remembered as unapologetically ourselves?

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