Months after her release of Petals for Armor, Hayley Williams surprised fans with an acoustic drop of a few of the tracks from the album. Titling it Self-Serenades, the short EP depicts an even more vulnerable side to Hayley.

She has shared some of her acoustic skills on social media; as well as some days in her life now that she’s been able to be at home for longer than she anticipated to focus on self-care and mental health. The series began starting in the days of Corona, where IGTV acoustics of various tracks were performed in different rooms of her house.

Petals for Armor was revolutionary in how it was one of the first “mental health” albums released during quarantine. We saw a new and very real side to her in her solo release, it topped the charts, too, showing that everyone needed to air out and reflect on their mental health.

And now, we see an even more soft side to her in her first acoustic EP, Self-Serenades.
Only containing a couple of songs from the album, “Simmer,” “Why We Ever,” and new release titled “Find Me Here,” it showcases her talents as a storyteller in her music while putting her raw, softened vocals on display. The album flows like a lullaby, soothing the mind from fear and the chaos the world brings.

My only complaint is that I wish the album in full is longer. I could listen to her voice cooing in lullabies all day and night. However, I may end up getting my wish. This is an EP, after all, and Petals for Armor was trickled out much the same as this.

Stream the album now:

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