“God Walk With Me” Pulls Us Into the Mental Landscape of Pittsburgh Rapper Zone5brody

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Zone5brody, an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gets his name from growing up in the city’s east side, Zone 5. He shares his stories of overcoming all the obstacles of growing up there with a single mother. Brody has transformed his rough upbringing into raw art. His father is known as “Slink,” one of Pittsburgh’s top drug kingpins from the 90’s, losing his life to the streets, and leaving his song to be raised within them. It’s this ominous background that fuels Brody‘s artistry to make something of himself, living out the saying “don’t just a book by its cover.”

Baby Slink” is the name of Brody‘s debut album, released at the beginning of this year. “God Walk With Me” was the first single from this project, shared with a music video that shows him in his element and chronicles his experience being strapped just in case but asking God to walk with him so he doesn’t have to resort to the ways of the streets. It’s clear through his lyricism that Zone5Brody is intelligent and intentional with his words and career. He has a unique way of discussing some dark themes with witty word play, making something light of the situation in a way, while still paying respect to the experiences.

Zone5brody‘s album “Baby Slink” is full of rap bangers, with his flow resembling that of Future’s, and his singing style sounding a bit like Kid Cudi. It’s a nice blend for sure. You can find the single “God Walk With Me” on our Undercuts playlist, but I would highly recommend checking out the full project from which it came…

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