“God Moves the Pen” for Tim McGraw in Here on Earth Bonus Track

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Crossing cultures and historical periods, the written word has evoked loving experiences. Even the absence thereof has subliminally indicated an inclination toward filling that void.

For Tim McGraw then, humanity’s affectionate instinct must be divinely inspired. While content creators may use different mediums or turns of phrase, professional and informal word artists have reflected an urge to know love.

“Shakespeare writin’ on a piece of paper, Hank Williams singin’ on an old guitar, Both of them tryna find the words, In somewhere up above the stars / But I’ve seen it there in old love letters, Stuck to the fridge on a post-it note, Red lipstick on a bathroom mirror, Or tucked in the pocket of a Cowboy’s coat…” 

-tim mcgraw

Released April 16th, Here on Earth (Ultimate Edition) captured the country star’s full vision for his sixteenth overall studio album shared with fans last August. Though not the title track, “God Moves the Pen” no less got at the heart of McGraw’s theme.

To feel like one has existed for a significant reason, professional achievements and corresponding praise will have been insufficient. Once received, they’ll have become dissatisfying. A bit similar to filling an empty stomach by drinking water when one has no food to eat. Once dehydrated again, one will have recognized their persistent hunger.

A universal appetite for love has been illustrated by an equally intense interest in recording its value for the world to see.

“…Written in the sky, written in the sand, On the back of a car draggin’ old tin cans / True love declared with brush and paint, Way up there on a small town water tank / Carved in an oak or tattooed on the skin, Love moves the heart, God moves the pen…”  

-tim mcgraw

Watch Tim McGraw’s lyric video for how a textual expression of love can be authentically communicated, regardless of age, education, or wisdom.

“God Moves the Pen” by Tim McGraw via Big Machine Label Group

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