It’s the beginning of a new era for Aurora. Never before has she sang such a personal love song, but has spent the last few years spreading kindness and encouraging others to love, as if she were Mother Earth, or a distant observer from above who could reach out and help you feel whole again.

“Exist for Love,” starts out as an acoustic track, but then breaks down into something with such an old soul reborn. A new generation of love songs that are sung with the heart of Ella Fitzgerald and the voice of a lilting dream.


The main visual in the new music video is crisp and strong, a birth of Love as Venus herself is arriving onshore as she sings of her first experience of love on the earth.

The seashell Aurora sits on, paired with the soft pinks, blues, and pastels of a Renaissance portrait, provides visuals much like Botticelli’s, “The Birth of Venus.” The video feels like a dream itself as Aurora takes her own heart and holds it out for all to see.

“I’ve never felt like this before, my heart knew that I could have. And then you take me in, then everything begins to feel like I belong, like everyone needs a home. And whenever I hold your hand, like the earth has never healed a man. I know I cannot heal the hurt, but I will hold you here forever, if I can.”

The song expresses the beauty and innocence of a deep love. When you fall in love, it feels like everything is a dream you don’t want to wake up from; it would be the worst thing to be awoken from it, or forbidden from loving someone so deeply. It must be the reason we exist, because there is nothing else that could make us feel this way.

The lyrics of “Exist for Love,” are beautifully simple, unique from Aurora’s typical metaphoric and poetic music, and it’s all the song needs. Simple is sometimes best, and in this case, it was. Simplicity helped focus more in on Aurora’s high vocal range, and on the experience she created in the song. And in that, you can feel what she feels, so deeply and unafraid, and you never want it to end.

“I am emerging a new story,” says Aurora on social media. “A new era… Love is such a force of nature, and we all have love inside of us. We all need love. It’s about time we celebrate the light that love can bring us.”

Aurora just released a live stream to chat with her fans. You can check it out here:

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