Well, well, well. Look what is upon us. The Final Four of Glassetonbury: Deep Tropics Edition is here! The people have spoken, and our final matchups will be Stallings vs. Majesty and Festival Nun vs. MOLLYWATER. Two of them will move on to the championship round, and one of them will earn the coveted spot on the Deep Tropics lineup on the same bill as newly-announced headliner Chris Lake! Keep on voting, and best of luck to the remaining four contestants!

About Glassetonbury

Glasse Factory is excited to host a tournament designed to showcase several up-and-coming acts we’re excited about, with the winning band receiving a prize package that includes stage time at this year’s Deep Tropics 2022! The tournament, which we’re calling Glasse-tonbury, will feature artists that submit. Their performances will have been reviewed by a collaborative panel made up of Glasse Factory and, for this edition, Deep Tropics team members, and the matchups will be voted on by you. For each matchup, there will be a link to each performance, a brief description of the songs/artists, and a link to a poll where you can cast your vote.

About Deep Tropics

Deep Tropics is produced by forward-thinking, dance music enthusiasts at Full Circle Presents. The creative site and stage design is led by art director, Aaron Martin and will take the energy to stratospheric levels. The one-of-a-kind amphitheater in the park ensures every viewpoint is perfect with a beautiful downtown skyline view in the backdrop. Intricate lasers, choreographed LED, moving lights, and art installs will illuminate the park. The venue is less than a mile from auxiliary party locations, downtown Nashville, and some of the city’s coolest districts.

Deep Tropics’ mission is to be the greenest festival in the United States. They are a climate positive event which simply means we create more energy than we use. These efforts are fueled by our non-profit organization Deep Culture, Inc which exists to curate experiences that activate transformation of self, community, and planet. In 2021, 79% of festival waste was prevented from entering the landfill. The proceeds from Green Disco Eco-Bands allowed us to plant 59,000+ trees in Kenya and help offset our carbon footprint. Many of Deep Tropics’ art projects are created from sustainable materials such as hempcrete & aircrete. Additionally, Deep Tropics has a zero waste initiative to ensure everything is either recyclable, compostable, or re-usable. Regenerative design is at the forefront of every aspect of the festival.

During this round, you can support an artist when you purchase your tickets to Deep Tropics 2022. Use their code and they’ll earn +5 extra votes per ticket! See below for unique codes.

This Round’s Match-Ups…

Majesty vs. Stallings

About Majesty


With a demonstrated background in the entertainment industry and media. MAJESTY is far from your average Dj. Bringing the party everywhere she goes, she can cater her set to any crowd; from bumpin house sets to bass that will surely make the ground shake. She picked up the decks in September 2021, and has been a trail-blazer ever sinc. She has taken any chance to perform, which has gathered lots of support locally. Based in Austin, ready to go where the world takes her, you will surely not forget attending one of her shows.

About Stallings


Stallings is a tech house producer & DJ from Nashville. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, he is constantly digging for (and producing) music that takes what is familiar and twists in a unique way. He loves samples, grooving drums and driving basslines , and excels at creating special moments on the dancefloor with the occasional unconventional buildup. With Stallings on the 1’s and 2’s, expect the unexpected. Previously a member of the local DJ trio Triple J, with whom he played Breakaway Music Festival in 2019, Stallings has since shifted towards a more house-focused, artist project with his own productions on the way. While working on his craft, he’s played at several events around Nashville and maintained a residency at The Roxy in Lexington, KY. While with Triple J he would take many open format gigs, but these days Stallings is fully focused on house music and the underground scene in Nashville. He live streams a weekly radio show on Mixcloud called Fullstack Radio where he showcases fresh house tracks. When he’s not DJing or producing, Stallings enjoys coding, video games, and soccer. Keep an eye out for this Nashville native as he prepares to solidify his presence as an innovator in the scene with his sets and productions in the coming months.

Mollywater vs. Festival Nun



“Real estate agent by day, DJ by night” – The brainchild of Nashville’s Molly Manella, Mollywater was born during the quarantine of 2020. Emerging into Nashville’s underground music scene shortly afterwards, she made a name for herself with “Club Dungeon,” her legendary basement party series. Mollywater’s calling card as a DJ is her diverse set of skills and keen ear for music. Ride the wave with Mollywater as she takes listeners through a sonic journey of trap, future bass, trip hop, grime, dubstep and deep house. She’s currently building her DJ brand, learning to produce, and finding the sound for her own original music, while bringing more underground music events to town and supporting other local creatives.

About Festival Nun


Las Vegas born and Now Miami resident Festival Nun has been blessing festivals for years. The Festival Nun started enjoying immediate success for his creative approach in both attending events and now DJing them. His energy and groovy beats has kept the party going. The DJ hit the scene with his hit song “Fresh” a tangy tech house record. Known for the popular Sunday Nunday party every week in downtown Ft. Lauderdale you always catch a vibe at his sets. Looking to create his own path this disco nun can surely steal the show!
After an impressive performance at Ultra Music Festival, 2022 is stacking up to be a break out year for him.

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