With Pride Month coming to an end, it’s no surprise that musicians have released all manner of songs for the last several weeks. Each year, more and more artists celebrate alongside members of the LGBTQ+ community through art and music, especially from increasingly diverse walks of life. What was once taboo has slowly become mainstream — a sentiment that up-and-coming Persian-American pop star Gia Woods knows all too well. With her latest single, “Lesbionic,” Woods invites listeners to embrace their uniqueness and to not be afraid to show their sexier side.

With her brazen sexuality and infectious bangers, it would be hard to guess that Gia Woods grew up in a traditional Persian household. Music has been her escape more often than not — whether it’s been a means to come out to her family and friends, or a way to engage with and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. With “Lesbionic,” Woods fully embraces her flirtatious side with teasing, tempting lyrics like, “My lips, my body, my hips, so naughty / You stare, you want it, you’re there, so watch me,” and, “I know you like the way I move my hips / Wanna taste me on your fingertips / It’s not iconic — it’s lesbionic.”

The beat is definitively modern, yet there’s more than a little disco-influence in the arrangement, too. “Lesbionic” wouldn’t sound entirely out of place if it had been released in the early days of disco, when it was more or less in the domain of those who were queer or POC anyway. It’s fitting then that Woods has reclaimed a sound and style to highlight her engagement with Pride Month this year, while infusing a healthy dose of contemporary sexiness and titillation into the track itself. “Lesbionic” successfully highlights what makes Woods such a stand-out artist — and what allows her to explore all the different facets of herself:

“I’m watching anyone who’s not afraid to challenge traditional standards and make people think. Everything has been done before, so anyone doing something fresh and interesting catches my eye.”

“Lesbionic” is a pulsing, disco-influenced throwback that begs listeners to dance, flirt and revel in their uniqueness. Woods has certainly found a way to embrace her heritage while remaining true to herself and her sexuality, and her continuing strides in the music industry will no doubt portend amazing things to come.

Gia Woods’ new EP, Heartbreak County Vol. 2, will release sometime this summer, and serves as a direct follow-up to her successful 4-track EP from last year, Heartbreak County, Vol. 1, which details the many vices of her hometown, Los Angeles. Support Woods’ advocacy for and celebration of Pride Month by checking out her latest single, “Lesbionic,” below!

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