GENESIS OWUSU Named To YouTube’s Foundry Class of 2022 + Lollapalooza Performance This Week

In the olden times, foundries were established to cast metals used for agriculture, construction and battle. These workshops are one of the pillars of ancient society, and history. Nowadays, while they still exist they have now taken a whole other meaning. Take for example a camp for individuals with the same passion working toward the same goal. In this instance, YouTube’s Foundry Class Of 2022 which includes emerging artists like Ghanaian- Australian Genesis Owusu.

Blessed with tremendous talent, musicality and charisma, he has taken over the stages that range from television and concert venues. All of which earned rave reviews and sold out tickets from every corner of the planet. Like a rocket zooming through space, he now gives us a stellar track called “GTFO”. A fire breathing track that exorcises your inner demons as well as those around you. Released July 19th via Ourness/ AWAL, it’s the perfect follow up to what he’s accomplished so far. As if he’s saying “time to take notice!”, and as an audience we’d be more than happy to oblige.

Genesis Owusu’s “GTFO”, is gritty and takes us back to a period where rap music was very expressive and carefully crafted. Every lines are thought of, and all the emotions are expertly placed like a well constructed structure. The best part is, it’s honest and relatable. Meaning, all of us regardless of culture and stature can extract a nugget we can apply to our own stories. Pretty breathtaking right? But that’s not it just yet because coupled with it is a music video that gives of paranormal vibrations. A contrast to the nitty gritty, and tough persona “GTFO” provides. The haunting is real, and it’s out to get you if you don’t “GTFO” pronto.

For an artist like Genesis Owusu, a record and an MV aren’t enough to hold off his prowess. Rightfully so, because he belongs to the biggest and brightest platforms out there. Come one, come all because here he comes! Take note of these dates, and venues.

Oct 01 Mesa, AZ, USA – Mesa Amphitheatre (supporting Khruangbin)
Oct 02 Santa Fe, NM, USA – The Santa Fe Opera (supporting Khruangbin)
Oct 07 Austin, TX, USA – Austin City Limits
Oct 14 Austin, TX, USA – Austin City Limits
Oct 18 Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre (supporting Tame Impala)
Oct 20 Sydney, NSW, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena (supporting Tame Impala)
Oct 22 Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Rod Laver Arena (supporting Tame Impala)
Oct 23 Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Rod Laver Arena (supporting Tame Impala)
Oct 26 Adelaide, SA, Australia – Adelaide Entertainment Centre (supporting Tame Impala)
Oct 29 Perth, WA, Australia – RAC Arena (supporting Tame Impala)
Nov 26 Canberra, ACT, Australia – Spilt Milk
Dec 03 Ballarat, VIC, Australia – Spilt Milk
Dec 04 Gold Coast, QLD, Australia – Spilt Milk
Dec 27-28 Glenworth Valley, NSW, Australia – Lost Paradise
Dec 29 Lorne, VIC, Australia – Falls Festival
Dec 31 Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – Falls Festival
Jan 07 – 08 Fremantle, WA, Australia – Falls Festival

For more information regarding these shows, click here.

Looking for more Genesis Owusu? If so, you’ve arrived at the right spot! Feel free to check out his official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , and YouTube accounts for more content that’ll get you grooving all year long.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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