Generationals: Live in ATL at The Masquerade

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The first songs that ever got me hooked on the Generationals were ‘Spinoza’ and ‘Put a Light On’ off of their 2013 ‘Heza’ album. After spending days jamming in my room to only those two songs, I finally expanded further into other music of theirs and found some of my other personal favorites ‘When They Fight, They Fight’, ‘TenTwentyTen’ and ‘Greenleaf’, all of which immediately became part of the soundtrack to my middle school years. Now, years later, I got the chance to this band live, whose music is so nostalgic for me and makes me feels just as energetic and giddy as it did all of those years ago.

Opening the show for the night was a cute Atlanta based band called Neighbor Lady. As the band began to ease into playing their first song so casually, I was not prepared for how blown away I was about to be by the seeming unexpected band’s amazing talent and how humble they were displaying it. Incomparable to any other band at the moment, their stylistic indie rock meets southern folk with a twang sound struck me at my core. Growing up and living in the south surrounded by classic country while having such a strong love for indie and alternative rock, it was like my worlds collided and it just felt right. The dreamy riffs of the lead guitar and melodic vocal harmonies of lead singer Emily Braden combined with the sounds of the full band perfectly melded together to make you feel as if you were floating.

During the intermission phase waiting for the Generationals to get everything set up and ready, I looked around watching all of the people chat and bounce around with excited anticipation. Soon enough the room went dark and the stage light up with neon panels of light lining the sides and back of the stage while fog rolled in creating the most angelic and luminescent scene. The happy-go-lucky feel good music of the band filled the venue and created an atmosphere that basically required you to get with the groove and start dancing. As the tempo of the songs changed, so did the speed of the flashing neon lights, just as the lights changed along with the beat too. It made me feel like I was in a retro themed dance party and I loved it. Moving away from simply the stage production and on to the musical aspect of the performance, I almost have no words. From the distinct tings of the cow belle, to the unique vocals of lead singer and pianist, and everything in between. This band has left their mark in the field of exploring sounds and has definitely made it work to their benefit.

Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard

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