Garrett Nash Releases Pleasantly Nostalgic Single: “The Middle of No Where”

Formerly known is gnash, Garrett Nash released “The Middle of No Where” on February 11, 2022. The single takes a step more into the mature side of modern pop, as Nash writes about if escaping his busy city life would solve his problems and anxieties.

There is no doubt that music listeners already are familiar with Nash for his 2016 blockbuster sensation, “i hate u, i love u,” as the track is known for being at the top of Billboard’s 100 for 39 straight weeks, obtaining 650 million views on YouTube, two billion multi-platform streams, and earned a 6x RIAA platinum certification. Nash continues to be open about the struggles he has with mental health in this release, and continues to support his fans in expressing themselves in whatever way that finds them being the happiest.

“I wonder what it’d be like to live a different life all the time. Just me & my family in a little house in The Middle of Nowhere. When I wrote this song with Gabe Simon I was sitting in his studio in Nashville looking out the window at a little abandoned garage in his backyard thinking “what if I just… moved in there? Would all my fears, anxieties, and problems go away? Probably not, but maybe I’d feel home again.”

“The Middle of No Where” is an incredible track to start a road trip with, for sure. The base guitar and drums kick off the softly spoken lyrics in a smoothness that can’t be described in words, and the emotion Nash brings to the song is heard heavily in his voice. The lines speak of the desire of wanting to start over, and move to the middle of no where, the most powerful lyrics being ‘I want a better life, whatever that means, we don’t have to keep the scars we hide underneath our sleeves.”

Personally, I LOVE this song, as it reminds me of my grandparents house, and how they live in a place where the stars can freely show themselves. Add “The Middle of No Where” to your nostalgia playlists here:

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