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Coming after their 2021 hit single “Drive,” Clean Bandit is back alongside producer and singer A7S with the delightful new track called “Everything But You.” Infectious and euphoric, the single’s lyrics highlight themes of love and loneliness disguised under lively instrumentals. After fourteen years on the scene, “Everything But You” proves that Clean Bandit is in no way slowing down.

You take me to a place only we know

Away from all the noise and the people

You take me to a place only we know

When I hear your voice

Say the word and we’ll go

Lyrics to “Everything But You”

Starting off, attention should be placed on the stylish songwriting accredited to A7S, Clean Bandit, Digital Farm Animals, Plested, Franklin, and Tom Grennan. Little electronic nuances and hooks throughout the track showcase the magnitude of talent these musicians possess. Particularly cool is the weird yet wonderful harmonic manipulation of the word “you,” which can be heard throughout the single (yet, most apparent at the first post-chorus). Utilizing electronic deviation, these techno lyrics provide an unexpected hook that leaves you wanting more.

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Reminiscent of acts such as Swedish House Mafia and Harry Styles, the vocal delivery in the single is bold and powerful. Whether he is naturally talented or self-taught, A7S’ voice is incomparable, with evidence being placed at the chorus. The way A7S sings “I know we can pull through” along with “Everything but you” is astonishing to hear and magic with each listen.

I’m so tired of the hollow

Show me signs I can follow

Baby, I go where you go

Don’t you know that

Lyrics to “Everything But You”

Lastly, the single deserves recognition compared to EDM legends Major Lazer and DJ Snake. The beat from “Everything But You” reminds me of songs such as “Cold Water” and “Let Me Love You.” Fun and never overbearing, Clean Bandit and company crafted the perfect song for this spring’s playlist.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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