Newly signed artist Emmyn Callerio of Games We Play has just dropped his debut EP Get A Job alongside the release of his single “St. Girlfriend.” Emmyn is a Miami-born and Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and pop-punk provocateur. He announced his Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records signing last month with an exclusive interview with Consequence. Not only did he sign with a record label, Emmyn showcased the deal by making a video featuring Fall Out Boy’s bassist and visionary Pete Wentz.

How Games We Play Got Signed To Fueled By Ramen

Get A Job has five full-length title tracks full of fun light-hearted bops. An EP that definitely has great songs that you’ll automatically download the second you hear them. The title of the EP and the first song “Get A Job” is very relatable with lyrics that resonate with people who would rather have fun in life than working a 9-5 job. Emmyn is passionate about his music and to some people that isn’t a job. His stance in this song is he doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk and just wants to play his song all night long. Never growing up and living the passionate fulfilled life with all the creativity he has to offer. We’ve all been there before, wanting more out of life than what is expected. These songs definitely proved that he picked the right career path. The EP offers charisma, character, playfulness and overall talent.

Listen to it here!

Radiating pop-punk-esque melodies that provide a mesmerizing atmosphere paired with glowing crisp vocals

New Noise

“I Hope You’re Happy” gives the old throwback pop-punk vibe when you were going through that emo phase that your mom never though you’d grow out of. This track is showcasing what it’s like to deal with someone who could’ve had you but decided to miss out on a great catch and ended up with a loser. A title with a hidden little jab. I hope you’re happy with that guy who’ll probably dump you for the next chick and I’ll just sit on my throne watching it all crumble. The song holds a little shade while also not being super dramatic and bringing down the mood. The instrumental in this song is good and feels like a song you would want to rock out to on guitar hero. Guaranteed you will shout the lyrics along with Emmyn. He even shot a music video to celebrate his signed deal with the record label.

“Big, catchy hooks and lyrics that are equal parts spiteful and playful”


“Kristina” is the third song off the EP and again showcases strong instrumentals and sick guitar riffs in the background. This song seems the most different on the album and is a different shift from the first two songs. While it is still on the lighthearted side, it starts off slower going straight to lyrics. It is more storytelling forward and actually has a chorus of just “na na na’s” while the others don’t have filler words in it (that is not a bad thing btw). The na na na’s keep the song on the playful side because while he’s singing about his sex appeal you can just look passed it with the simpler chorus. The bridge was definitely one the best parts of the song, as he is singing the beat starts to rapidly increase and you feel the intensity then it breaks with the drums. It is that feeling of buildup where you start to play air guitar then use your hands to sync with the bash of the drum along with your head bobbing.

Listen to “Kristina” here!

Onto the fourth song off the EP “St. Girlfriend.” Before even talking about the song let’s preface that Emmyn wrote this song about his friend who shit their pants on a date. Well, that’s one way to soil a date. Anyway, with that fact, this song just speaks for itself. It is a entertaining song with lyrics that help you feel like life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Even after this man shit his pants, this girl still wants him. A saint and a “freak” collide and just makes the perfect couple. There is someone out there for everyone, even for the man who pooped his pants on his date. This song feels perfect to have on this EP as it ties so well with the message. It shows Emmyn’s free-spirit and not taken life so seriously. His job is to entertain, do what he loves with no pressure. “St. Girlfriend” emulates that we all just need to take a step back and realize shit happens (literally) but don’t let it get you down and keep doing you.

St. Girlfriend official video

Last and final song on Get A Job is “Deadbeat.” This song is not a deadbeat at all. It gives off Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” vibes. That is a great song and so is “Deadbeat.” Just the perfect chill song to express some self-reflection and acknowledging a few flaws but embracing them as well. Very heavy on the instruments and total rock sensation. This was the perfect song to end the EP with as it again ties into the whole theme. Emmyn singing about being lazy and what do “lazy” people always hear? Why don’t you get off the couch and get a job.

Deadbeat official lyric video

Everyone will love this EP and really needs to check it out. Can’t wait to hear more from Games We Play because he is already off to a great start of pulling listeners in, captivating them with enjoyable, solid music.

Emotionally self-aware lyrics, big heavy riffs and a brilliantly fun attitude.”

Rock Sound

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Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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