Friday Junior’s Newest Single Is Modern Garage Punk At It’s Finest

Photo Credits: Danielle Damico (Instagram: @daniellecdamico)

The song was written piece by piece over many years. I came up with the riff years before any lyrics, and then the final part didn’t come until 2017. Some lyrics, written about workplaces that put in the bare minimum to make employees content, were written as recently as 2021.

Connor Graham on “Drab From Colorless”

Written over the course of many years, Connor Graham’s newest single, “Drab From Colorless,” is punk craftsmanship at its finest. Under the moniker “Friday Junior,” the single comprises Graham on guitar, bass and vocals along with Michael Lowry of Future Islands on drums. Catchy at its core, the newest addition to the band’s catalog is an adrenaline rush that will keep your heart pounding and body moving.

Beginning without hesitation, fiery guitar chords run rampant just before Connor Graham’s impassioned, frantic vocals enter the picture:

I said I wouldn’t, but I did it once
again and now my boss is furious
Can I ever regain its trust?

“Drab From Colorless” Lyrics – Connor Graham

With that beginning statement, the song carries forward, never looking back, like a criminal running from the law. Going at lightning speed, variations between the singer’s unique register (similar to artists such as Brian Molko and Tom Verlaine) and overdriven guitar provide a pretty contrast that works for the gritty nature of the tune. Though simple, the song is surprisingly versatile, distinguishing each major section with distinctive, gripping guitar tones and surprising vocal melodies. These distinctive sections add to the overall experience of the single and make re-listenability all the more plausible for a new audience.

Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Danielle Damico (Instagram: @daniellecdamico)

Full of attack, the core instruments are indebted to Graham’s vocal phrasing. The artist knows when to hold back, and with such smart songwriting at his disposal, he doesn’t need to overshadow wicked cool moments such as in the second verse (0:37) and the bridge (1:17) with his voice. Nonetheless, when he does interrupt the production (which was mixed by Steve Johnson and mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman) with that lovely voice, the lead singer does so with the right amount of passion and rawness. Much like Graham’s voice, Lowry’s play style manages to add to the single through his particular patterns. For example, keeping a steady beat through the high hat in the second verse, the Future Islands drummer opts for pulsating floor tom at the second chorus and finale. Through these particular decisions, with all parts sprinkled together, suspense and energy dominate the track.

Photo Credits: Kerry Graham (Instagram: @mskerrygraham)

A breath of fresh air to the garage punk genre, you can listen to “Drab From Colorless” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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