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“Broke My Own Heart,” by Melody Lynn: Beautifully alluring vocals pour into a scene of piano and cool electric guitar in the background. Showcased on front stage, this artist’s vocals set the scene for a world of broken hearts and grippingly emotive tones.

“Denny’s Dream,” by Nick County: This artist is a songwriter and lifelong student of country music who has subverted the genre to fit his needs as a tropical cowboy hanging his hat in Miami. This folk track tells a beautiful tale throughout their rich lyrics. The track concludes the artist’s latest album with an air of calm.

“Stranded,” by William Fitzsimmons: Throughout his career, this artist has made his living writing a specific brand of honest and inward-looking folk songs that fearlessly and candidly examine the evolving self. When it comes to his songwriting, nothing in his private life is off-limits, and it makes for intimately relatable works that calm and describe the emotions hidden deep within that are difficult to express.

‘Stranded’ was one of the earliest songs written for the Astronaut record, but, like what occasionally happens, it didn’t seem to fit with the original collection of songs. But I knew it would be a part of the second album for certain. Like many of the songs written for these projects, it’s rather angry and blame-ridden, much more so than any earlier song. It’s an honest, raw expression of the feeling of being blindsided by someone you thought you could trust.”

~ William Fitzsimmons

“Feel Again,” by Rnla: This laid back lo-fi bedroom pop track is the latest offering from this artist. Featuring dreamy vocals and a melodic tempo, you’ll be sure to be calmed and set at ease.

“Out Of Touch,” by jules: The latest offering from this offering blends in a combination of rock and pop. In the background, an electric guitar strums as lead vocals create a soothing atmosphere with its catchy melody. Together, a symphony of bedroom with a tinge of rock will soothe any soul needing ease.

“No One’s Got Your Back,” by Chasing Chimera: This alternative track blends genre with its indie vocals and emotive rock electric guitar. Fitting for the times, the song’s message depicts a world where you can trust no one anymore. Its dark undertones soothe with a contrasting cathartic nature as our reality strikes full force.

“Sunset Cruisin’,” by WHIT3 COLLR: Friends since seventh grade, 17-year-olds Will Sawyer (lead vocals/guitar/bass) and Donovan Hess (drums/backing vocals) gig regularly throughout Southern California, playing some of its most iconic venues such as the Viper Room, Whisky A GoGo and the Coach House. With Sawyer singing lead and Hess’s strong backing vocals, they have mastered the art of tight harmonies, concocting a solid sound that seamlessly melds.  In this track, classic rock undertones create a fresh air of nostalgia while breathing life into the old soul of rock and roll.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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