Check out our picks for the week; a set of artists we find will uplift the heavy spirits with a cathartic release.

“Green,” by Jane Honor: As loved ones struggle with substance abuse, this track process through the emotions and the battle over them in this beautiful track.

“Baby Blues,” by Suzie Ungerleider: Under a new artist name, the debut album of Suzie (formerly Oh Suzanna), opens with this track, unveiling the heavy feelings of experiencing trauma at a young age and coping with its effects after growing up.

“What I’m Waiting For,” by KØLEEN: The debut single of Austrian singer-songwriter shares her deep love of the forest in visually-captivating music video while pointing out to have faith in life and to believe that everything will be good in the end. No matter how bad and hopeless life appears to be, the sun will shine on the morrow again.

“DETAILS,” by Lily Kelso: Nineteen year-old artist from Laguna Beach stuns with an uplifting yet haunting sound in this track. While it promotes introspection, it lifts up the feelings of homesickness and drifts through the waves of emotion gently.

“tiptoe,” by Maya Yenn: Written from the personified perspective of “anxiety,” this track is foreboding yet trails along with darkness in its poetic lyricism with a playful use of instrumentals.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

Helana Michelle Administrator
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Helana Michelle Administrator
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  • James
    2 years ago Reply

    Just stumbled across this. Some really good tracks here.

    Really enjoying tiptoe!

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